Once just a cheap broadband provider, TalkTalk has become a supplier of unlimited broadband, TV and phones without breaking its value promise to customers.

TalkTalk's also invested heavily in customer service, and now fields complaints at low levels not far behind Sky or Virgin.


There's a choice of standard copper-based broadband at up-to-14Mbps, or hybrid fibre broadband at either up-to-38Mbps or up-to-76Mbps.

Prices start from just £3.50/month plus line rental for SimplyBroadband with no phone calls, with fibre from £10/month extra.

There are no usage caps on any of TalkTalk's broadband services, and standard broadband is available to more than 85 per cent of homes through 'unbundled' BT exchanges where TalkTalk has its own equipment.

TalkTalk Broadband also comes with the award-winning HomeSafe feature, which protects every device in your home from viruses and malware, and allows you to set up parental controls.

Fibre broadband is in reach of around 12 million UK homes, and will reach more than 14 million by Spring 2014.


TalkTalk's TV service is based on YouView, combining Freeview HD via your aerial with seven days of catch-up from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel Five, via your broadband connection.

There's a choice of a single-tuner 'zapper' box with Essentials TV for £8.50/month plus line rental, rising to a twin-tuner recorder with Plus TV for £18.50/month - both packages include unlimited standard broadband and phone calls.

A broadband-based player can also be used to add subscription channels including Sky1, Sky Sports and Sky Movies, using a system of Boosts that you can turn on and off each month. Plus TV comes with seven Sky channels as standard, including Sky1 and Sky Living.

Home Phone

SimplyBroadband doesn't have any inclusive phone calls, but you can add landline Boosts for calling UK landlines, mobiles or international destinations.

Essentials TV and Plus TV both come with inclusive calls to UK landlines, and you can add Boosts for calling mobiles or international numbers.

Mobile and tablets

TalkTalk broadband customers can access a range of mobile phones and tablets with simple price plans and no upfront costs, plus SIM-only contracts and the usual Boosts for specific features.