We decided to take a look at a range of different headphones, ones which as well as offering competent sound, felt unique. They needed to have something a little special about them that would turn heads and perk up ears. So without further ado, here are our top 5 unique headphones.

STK Zippit Anti-Tangle Earphones - £13.99

Accessory maker STK has come up with a distinctive solution to help prevent those pesky earphones from magically tangling themselves in your pocket or bag. These in-ear cans feature a zipper to fuse each headphone cable to the other when not in use and this solution, isn't some gimmick, it genuinely works.


The Zippits also feature an integrated controller for pausing/playing music or beginning/ending calls, as well as an integrated microphone. Audio quality might not match up to some of the pricier members of our top 5, but in a world where convenience is key, this plucky little earphones will save you hours otherwise spent untangling conventional headphone leads.

Griffin Woodtones - £74.99

Whilst Griffin’s Woodtones On-Ear cans look great, the choice of wood is more than just a cosmetic feature. The real wood panels covering each driver help reverberate the sound and offer up a unique audio experience.


What really grabbed our attention was the comfort factor. These sizable cans are amazingly unobtrusive and offer a snug fit without ever feeling uncomfortable, truly the best headphones in our line-up for extended use hands-down.

The rotating ear cups aren’t the most durable things in the world, but if you’re careful with them, you won’t regret laying down cash for exemplary the comfort and audio experience on offer.

Sennheiser HD 335s - £79.99

In our eyes (and ears) these conventional on-ear cans pump out the most balanced authentic audio experience of the bunch. Built by the sound specialists at Sennheiser with smartphones and tablets in mind, the HD 335s’ boast leather padding on the headband and ear cups for comfort, an in-line remote for music playback and phone calls, an integrated microphone and a volume control wheel built into the side of right-hand driver, which proves impressively convenient.


The hinged right ear cup also adds convenience for when you need to keep one ear open to the outside world. The balance of quality, performance, price and innovation is spot on with the HD 335s and as such, they come highly recommended.

Monster iSport Freedom Wireless - £229.95

These eye-wateringly lime green on-ear cans look sleek, modern, feature a sturdy aluminium frame and fold away neatly for storage. Built by Monster with athletes in mind and those looking for headphones that offer a richer, fuller sound than typical sport-centric in-ear headphones with their tiny drivers.


The iSport Freedom Wireless headphones have rubberised anti-bacterial ear-cups for comfort and on one side feature hardware controls for music playback whilst you’re working out, bearing in mind it takes practice to learn where each control is. Speaking of working out, the sweat-proof construction means you need not worry if they get a little wet during a heavy workout.

Apt-X and AAC codec support also mean that despite the Bluetooth wireless connectivity, audio quality doesn’t take a hit. Nice.

Creative Audio Sound Blaster EVO ZxR - £249.99

The priciest headphones in our line-up deliver a broad set of features, though audio quality seems to be low on the priority list here. Things perk up slightly when you hit the the SBX Pro audio button located on the side of the cans, but they're best used for gaming rather than music, particularly as they offer a pseudo 3D experience and noise cancelling. The ZxR’s can be a little hit and miss, with lacklustre music playback, but work well for audio effects such as gunfire, car engines and so on.


Whilst these PlayStation 4-certified headphones are made with gamers in mind, their flexibility as heavy-duty mobile headphones is notable too. The inclusion of NFC makes it easy to wirelessly connect a compatible smartphone, simply by tapping it to the side of your head and the included case is handy as the ZxRs carry a fair amount of weight.