The Apple iPhone 4S is finally, actually really here. After an agonisingly long wait during which half of the internet (us included) was convinced it would be called the iPhone 5, the follow up to last year's iPhone 4 is available to buy now from all of the networks and the usual high street locations.

If you were amoung the Apple faithful who were brave enough to sleep it out on the streets, chances are you've probably released your 4S from its cardboard prison, played around with Siri and then gone to bed. You've been up for how long?

The less fanatical/more sensible of you who are waiting out the Beatlemania until the queues die down will no doubt want an early look-see all the same. So here it is; the Apple iPhone 4S complete with everything that you'll get in the box when you finally get yours.

The iPhone 4S famously borrows much from its predecessor's wardrobe, comes with a funnily named voice-activated personal assistant and rolls with a whopping 8-megapixel camera.

There are a couple of very slight differences which you'll see in our pics; we've included our trusty old iPhone 4 for comparison. But aside from that its business as usual, a 3.5-inch screen with an oleophobic coating, glass covers on both sides with the metal aerial trim running around the edges.

Before we post our review, feel free to get to know the iPhone 4S a little better. Stay tuned for some more hands-on action with Siri, coming soon...

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