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It seems like only yesterday that we got hold of our first iPad. How the time flies eh? Believe it or not the iPad 2 is finally here and luckily we've been able to get our hands on one.

There's much that we already know about the device thanks to Apple's extensive preview at the event held on the 2nd of March. Consequently, there's lots of things we can't wait to get started on, things like iMovie, Photo Booth and FaceTime, just to name a few.

But before we plough on with our main review and start tinkering around, we thought that you'd appreciate a look inside and see what you get in the box. To cut a long story short, you get exactly what you'd expect; mains charger, USB cable, wafer-thin instruction manuals and of course a couple of white Apple logo stickers. All the same, you wouldn't mind a closer look at the iPad 2 would you? Thought not.

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