If you’ve already ordered your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 then you’re probably going to want to protect that lovely 10.1-inch screen from getting all grubby and scratched. It’d be a good idea to consider then this Book Cover, the official case for the Tab 10.1 made by Samsung.

Available alongside the fetching Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock, this neat Book Cover is a foldable case that doubles as a protective cover and has a kickstand/prop to allow for easier typing. The Book Cover is going for £40 right now, so it's not going to break the bank.

While it's not ruggedised (i.e. we don’t advise you chucking your Tab 10.1 down flights of stairs in this) the Book Cover certainly feels solid, reliable and chunky. It’ll certainly keep the Tab 10.1 free from scratches and mess when you lug it around in your bag.

The exterior of the case is made from textured plastic that feels solid and provides a bit of grip. There are holes cut into the case to allow the camera unit and 3.5mm jack to peep out.

The clasp features magnetic strips and doubles as a stand for when you want to either prop the Tab up for watching a video, or lie it flat on its back for doing a bit of typing.

All in all it’s a pretty decent accessory and a relatively inexpensive one at that. Click through to see the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Book Cover from all angles.

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