The latest Android smartphone from Sony Ericsson, the Xperia Ray looks set to wow with a pocket-friendly profile and weight; just 100g.

Alongside the Xperia Active and Xperia Arc S, the Ray looks set to be one of Sony Ericsson’s big sellers, with the Swedish-Japanese firm plotting grand scale advertising and publicity ahead of the Christmas season.

Despite its petite appearance, like its stablemate the Xperia mini, it’s still crammed with a ton of features; most importantly, perhaps, being an 8-megapixel shooter on the back - replete with Sony’s Exmor R sensor for top shots in low light.

The 1GHz processor ensures that, at least during the time we’ve had it out of the box, it can handle pretty much everything we can throw at it. It also means there’s enough power to handle high-definition recording.

The 3.3-inch screen somehow manages to carry the same resolution as its bigger brothers. with a whopping 283 ppi; putting it closer to the iPhone’s retina screen than either the Xperia Arc or Neo.

But we’ve compared the Ray to the rest of the Sony Ericsson family already. Click on for some more pictures and details, and expect a full review from us next week.

Oh, and we requested a gold model, because we’re classy like that. The Xperia Ray will be available in gold, black, pink and white.

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