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BlackBerry Mobile Phone Reviews

Latest BlackBerry reviews

BlackBerry Mobile Phones

Historically the business handset of choice, BlackBerry's are famous for their secure push email. Research in Motion's BlackBerry brand branched out into the consumer space in 2007 with the launch of the Curve range, which became popular for its low price and features like BlackBerry Messenger.

A defining aspect of Blackberry smartphones is the physical QWERTY keyboard, which features on many old and new models. RIM has produced a few pure touchscreen phones within the Torch range and more successfully combined a touchscreen and physical keyboard in the BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Each BlackBerry phone provides access to RIM’s secure email, BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry App World, which although understocked next to rival app stores, contains an ever increasing selection of games and apps.

In 2011 RIM launched it’s first tablet - the BlackBerry Playbook and in 2012 is expected to launch BlackBerry 10, new OS for tablets and phones, which will run alongside its existing BlackBerry OS operating system.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry’s online instant messenger is a major feature of each smartphone, and one of the reasons BlackBerry is renowned for its communicative capabilities. Users can communicate directly with other BlackBerry's using exclusive BlackBerry PIN numbers, the system is secure and included in your tariff, so you can chat very cheaply with other users anywhere in the world.

BBM has an option for group or one-to-one conversations, and more recently BBM Connected Apps integrates BBM features into selected apps, so you can chat to friends within an app like BlackBerry Music.

BlackBerry deals

There are a range of deals available for BlackBerry smartphones. Older models are popular for their range of features and high quality messaging and email functionality, whilst newer models bring in more innovations and improvements. Compare mobile phones deals to find the best offers on BlackBerry handsets.

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