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HTC Mobile Phone Reviews

Latest HTC reviews

HTC Mobile Phones

HTC originally manufactured phones for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system, before moving to Android in 2009. HTC made the first Android smartphone, known as the T-Mobile G1 in the UK and HTC Dream in the US. Since then it has become well known for developing innovative, high-quality handsets running Google's Android OS under its own name and is now vying with Samsung for most popular Android handset manufacturer.

HTC smartphones

HTC’s range of smartphones includes models to suit different types of user and price points; whether you want something fast with impressive performance and cutting-edge technology, or something more basic which does all the essentials effectively.

HTC’s mobile phones are famous for their high-quality build and HTC Sense. HTC Sense is a graphics-based user interface, which works on top of Android to provide HTC customers with a user experience exclusive to them. HTC Sense is regularly updated and re-engineered to keep it interesting, innovative and fresh for users.

The HTC Hero was HTC’s breakthrough phone and made a big splash in 2009, popular successors include the HTC Desire, HTC Sensation and mid-range HTC Wildfire. In 2012 HTC simplified its line-up with the One series consisting of just three mid/high tier models and the affordable HTC Desire C, all with Beats Audio music profiles.

The company has brought one Android tablet to the UK - the HTC Flyer. Like Samsung, it has failed to replicate its smartphone success in the tablet sphere.

HTC also makes phones running Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, including the HTC Titan and HTC Radar.

HTC deals

HTC regularly releases new handsets, whilst older models remain popular choices for new customers. HTC’s range can be taken with a variety of contracts from different networks, so compare mobile phone deals to see what’s available. You can also buy a handset outright, and take Pay As You Go or SIM only.

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