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Rimac Concept One vs Ferrari 458 Italia in drag race

Croatia may not be the epicentre of flair, style and sophisticated sports cars, but a fresh-faced Croatian car manufacturer known as Rimac is working jolly hard to upset the Italians with a ludicrously quick electric sports car.

First unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and then again at the Top Marques Monaco 2012 event, the Rimac Concept One has just been spotted going head to head with a Ferrari 458 Italia — and winning.

Rimac took the electric hypercar on a tour of the Middle East to drum up interest from the locals and saw no better way of doing so than to host a short drag race against a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. The contest was very one-sided. The Rimac Concept driver botched his launch slightly, getting a tad sideways, but still managed to leave the Ferrari for dust.

The outcome is hardly surprising as the Concept One uses four electric motors to deliver a frankly absurd 1,088bhp — making it roughly twice as powerful as the 458 Spider. It has access to significantly more torque than the Ferrari, too — 1,180lb-ft — all of which is accessible the minute your toes touch the accelerator. While the 458’s V8 is still spinning up, the Concept One has already vanished.

The Rimac Concept One does weigh a fair bit more – 1,950kg vs the 458 Spider’s 1,485kg – but that’s not particularly significant here. It’ll still hit 0 to 62mph in 2.8 seconds — over half a second faster than this particular prancing horse.

The Ferrari would probably have the legs on the Concept One over the course of an endurance race. The Croatian car runs on a sizable 92kWh lithium phosphate battery, which Rimac says will keep you away from a charger for 373 miles, but we imagine this range drops dramatically when you use your right foot in anger.

Rimac has said it will build 88 examples of the Concept One, each costing a mere $980,000 (about £650,000) or the price of three Ferrari 458 Spiders with enough change for a Tesla Model S.

Have a gander at the Concept One in action in the video below.

Source: Car Scoops