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Best PS4 horror games: The scariest Playstation titles that are guaranteed to ruin your pants

These are the most terrifying survival horror games for the PS4 right now, packed with enough heart-wrenching jump scares and psychological terror to keep you playing all night. After all, you sure won’t be getting any sleep.

As long-standing horror fans, we can’t get enough of this great selection of survival titles on the Playstation. The PS4 boasts a strong line-up of bloody and disgusting games, including one or two exclusives that should definitely push lovers of the genre towards Sony’s console. Plus, with Playstation VR support pushing the horror right into our faces, our undercrackers have never smelled so foul.

So what are the best PS4 horror games you can buy or download right now? Here’s our favourite terror-filled titles, which are perfect to play in the dark with the volume turned right up.

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The Evil Within 2

This horror sequel was produced by Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami, who obviously knows a thing or two about scaring the pants off of gamers. While the first title was still finding its feet, this second installment is a more cohesive package despite Mikami stepping down as director – and no less terrifying.

Detective Sebastian Castellanos once again has to journey to a twisted, alternative version of the real world, this time to rescue his daughter from the clutches of sinister forces. The Evil Within 2 has a nasty habit of really getting under your skin, just like the original Silent Hill games (which this franchise certainly owes a debt to). If you like psychological horror, freakish creatures and heavy atmosphere, definitely get yourself a copy.

Get Even

Get Even might sound like the name of a brainless shooter game, but this PS4 title is a surprisingly smart, not to mention frequently haunting, battle for survival.

You play as a contract killer who wakes up in an asylum (not the only game on this list to feature such an environment, shockingly), which appears to be controlled by your kidnapper. However, as well as tormenting you, your captor seems desperate to tap into your memories and unlock the events that led you to this moment.

From the survival horror gameplay of the asylum to the stealth action sequences as you actively play out your memories, Get Even is a gripping and challenging title with plenty of creepy and sinister moments thrown in.

Check out our full Get Even PS4 review for our in-depth thoughts.

Scariest moment?

The violent chanting of the inmates after the mad hatter’s tea party will send multiple shivers down anyone’s spine.

Resident Evil 7

Relief was one of the first emotions that we immediately felt, upon stepping into the grimy, dark world of the latest Resident Evil. Well, relief and sheer panic, as soon as it all kicked off.

You see, Resident Evil 5 was decidedly ‘meh’ after the brilliance of Resi 4, while the less said about the horribly designed sixth installment, the better. Thankfully Capcom sorted it all out for part seven, which is one of the most terrifying gaming experiences of all time.

You play as a hapless husband called Ethan who stumbles across a run-down plantation while searching for his missing wife. Unfortunately said plantation is inhabited by the seemingly invulnerable Baker family, who proceed to hound poor Ethan as he runs around the place, scared out of his wits.

This is survival horror at its most disgusting, most frenetic, most harrowing. Play it with Playstation VR and you’ll be a panting, sweating mess come the final battle, if you even dare to venture that far.

Scariest moment?

Strapping on the PSVR and venturing into the horror for the very first time.

Alien: Isolation

While Resident Evil 7 has you constantly dodging or fleeing the deadly Bakers, Alien: Isolation instead has you hiding from H.R. Giger’s famed killing machine in a sterile spaceport.

Fear levels are similarly through the roof, even when one of the game’s lesser baddies – a bunch of sinister rogue androids – wanders into sight. After all, your weapons and ammo are seriously limited, and often your only chance of making it to the next checkpoint is crouching behind that desk and praying for the best.

Alien: Isolation is easily one of the most atmospheric horror games on the PS4 right now and well worth a play for anyone with a colon of steel.

Scariest moment?

Nothing beats the sheer heart-pummelling terror of hiding in a locker, or behind a desk, as the creature stalks around just inches away.

Layers of Fear

Speaking of atmosphere, Layers of Fear has it in spades. It’s difficult to talk about this game without spoiling the experience, although anyone who appreciates psychological horror over violent dismembering will be right at home here.

The point of the game is careful exploration, as you hunt down clues and piece together the protagonist’s past. Of course you’ll be questioning your sanity from the very beginning, as the creepy mansion you call your home twists and morphs around you.

Scariest moment?

Turning around to see that…no, wait, we don’t want to spoil that awesome jump scare!

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

This classic horror game has just been re-released on PS4 and it still has the power to freak you out, especially when played in the wee hours with the lights out.

The new kid in school decides, in some kind of bizarre romantic gesture, to sneak into the grounds late at night and give his crush a little gift. Of course, this turns out to be a terrible idea, as he soon discovers that the school was previously a hospital during the Korean War. And all of those long-dead souls are still lingering in the creepy halls and classrooms.

White Day plays out in a first-person perspective, allowing you to freely explore every nook and cranny. You’ll need to solve simple puzzles to progress through the buildings and ultimately escape, all while avoiding the omnipresent janitor who doesn’t take kindly to intruders. His methods of discipline involve frantic use of a baseball bat, which should be more than enough reason to stay clear.

This fresh PS4 release of White Day includes a whole new mini-story involving a different playable character, which can be unlocked upon completing the game on hard difficulty as well as satisfying certain conditions. We’re not there yet, but we’re trying!

Scariest moment?

That spider ghost really freaked us the f**k out…

Until Dawn

A Playstation 4 exclusive, Until Dawn is essentially a playable version of those cheesy-yet-brilliant horror movies where a bunch of teens head to an inappropriate and remote location for a good time. Shock, horror, it all goes wrong and blood begins to geyser.

A strong cast and some excellent motion capture help to elevate Until Dawn above the rest of the horror game hordes. Each character has his or her distinctive personality and mannerisms, and you can’t help but feel a pang of guilt when they’re cut down mercilessly. All because you didn’t tap ‘X’ at the right moment.

QT events are the order of the day, along with some gentle exploration when your life isn’t in immediate danger. Every choice you make has an impact on the eventual outcome, while the core mystery is solid enough to keep gamers hooked (as well as terrified). We’d have preferred a bit more gameplay, yet we’d happily recommend Until Dawn for an all-night gaming session with mates.

Scariest moment?

Any time you have to run for your life, tapping the correct buttons as soon as they pop up. One little slip and it could all be over for your current character.

Among The Sleep

Among The Sleep is one of the more unique horror titles on this list, casting you as a toddler who can barely even walk, let alone put up a decent fight against shadowy creatures.

This game has a sinister dream-like quality about it, thanks to the skewed perspective of the main character and his vivid imagination. Those twisted visuals, distinctive with their sharp angles and stark colour palette, will stick with you for a long time after you complete the game. And like the teeny protagonist, you’ll have trouble controlling your bowel movements when the scares come, with some seriously tense moments scattered throughout the short gameplay.

Scariest moment?

Creeping through your house in the dark, as horrible shadowy creatures stalk around the place.

Resident Evil: Origins Collection

This horror double-pack serves up two fantastically creepy titles for nostalgic fans of the series, or anyone who was simply too young to be scared witless by those blocky-looking zombies back in the day.

Resident Evil HD is a remastered version of the original title, with loads of improvements beyond the spruced-up graphics. Determined undead beasties can now follow you through the mansion, while puzzles have been reworked for a fresh new challenge. Oh, and overhauled controls, thank the lord!

Bear in mind that this was originally released on Gamecube, so the graphics are once again quite dated on PS4. Although that doesn’t detract from the underpants-ruining terror.

You also get Resident Evil 0, which is a pretty decent prequel. Get over the tank controls and you’ll find plenty of creepy set-pieces and horrific boss fights.

Shout out to Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Revelations also, which can be bagged on disc or download for the PS4 right now. Revelations recaptures some of the horror elements of the classic games, while 4 is simply a stunning title in every respect.

Scariest moment?

The first time you realise those crimson zombies can follow you wherever you go. Suddenly, running away is no longer the easy option.

Outlast Trinity

Outlast 1 and 2 as well as the Whistleblower DLC for the first game are now packed onto one shiny PS4 disc, ready to scare the living bejesus out of all who dare to play.

You play as Miles Upshur, a rather unfortunate freelance journalist who finds himself trapped inside a mental asylum where the inmates have broken free and murdered the staff. Forget about cutting down your psychopathic foes with shotguns, though. All you can do is sprint away through the claustrophobic corridors and rooms and hide yourself away, until they lose interest. Or find you and use your guts as a lovely new scarf.

Chances are, if you’re a horror fan, you’ll have at least heard of these games. However, if you haven’t had the chance to play them, we highly recommend picking up this collection. The second title is unforgiving, and just as stroke-inducing as the original game.

Scariest moment?

Using your camcorder’s night vision mode to peek around a corner, only to find yourself face-to-face with a drooling murderer.

Dead By Daylight

Like Until Dawn, Dead By Daylight pits terrified innocents against a deadly – and unstoppable – killer. The awesome twist is that you can actually play as the killer, hunting down your prey only to skewer them mercilessly on meat hooks.

Survivors can’t defeat the bad guy; all they can do is escape, by repairing a bunch of generators before making it to the exit. You’ll need to be super stealthy and have a stomach of concrete, especially when the killer is stalking past just inches away.

The result is a tense and terrifying multiplayer competitive horror game which we heartily recommend.

Scariest moment?

If your best bud is impaled on a meat hook, you’ll only have a short time to rescue them before they’re gone for good. Of course, chances are the killer is going to be right there waiting.

The Evil Within

The original Evil Within is a flawed title, yet it still has plenty of horrifying moments that horror fans are bound to dig. We meet detective Sebastian Castellanos for the first time, as he finds himself hurled into a run-down, twisted version of his town, filled with all kinds of horribleness.

Gameplay is similar to Resident Evil, with you evading or fighting your way through swarms of deadly foes as you struggle to piece together what’s actually going on. Expect buckets of gore and some truly memorable death scenes, as popularised by Resi 4.

Scariest moment?

The Evil Within really doesn’t mess about. Right at the start of the game, you’re confronted by one of the later boss creatures; a massive butcher with a metal mask, who wields a chainsaw. Your only weapon? A measly little knife. Time to hide.

Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy is admittedly more of a run-and-gun action game than a creepy horror title, yet we’d dare you to find a more entertaining multiplayer co-op horror experience on PS4.

Each massive level has you cutting your way through armies of damned Nazi soldiers, risen from the dead by black magic. Head shots and gore galore are the name of the game, with massive guns and grenades in abundance. We love the dark level design, with plenty of attention to detail when it comes to dripping, mutilated bodies and other macabre decoration.

Scariest moment?

You’re trapped in a church, surrounded by dozens of the undead and almost out of ammo, when you see one of the machine gun-toting tanks stomp into view.

The Walking Dead (Season One)

As with Until Dawn, The Walking Dead by Telltale Games is more of an interactive movie than an actual game. You occasionally have the chance to steer the protagonist’s actions, which has major repercussions for who lives and who dies, while the bulk of the action plays out through QT events. So far, so very familiar.

All the same, The Walking Dead is a truly harrowing and horrific gaming experience – as well as gripping and highly entertaining, of course. Well-drawn characters ensure you’re emotionally invested, and devastated when they’re offed by the slavering undead hordes. Meanwhile each ‘episode’ feels pleasingly fresh, serving up fresh obstacles for the hapless cast to overcome.

Scariest moment?

Stuck in a corner store with no power, as the zombie hordes realise that a tasty snack is just beyond the doors.

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