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Best value Sony TVs 2017: RE4 vs WE6 vs WE75

Best value Sony TVs 2017: We compare the Sony RE4, Sony WE6 and Sony WE75 televisions, three of the most affordable Sony TVs to be released in the UK this year. Here’s our full RE4 vs WE6 vs WE75 comparison review, so you know which is best for you.

When it comes to TVs, the Sony brand guarantees quality and thanks to an ever faster evolution of its offerings, even the more affordable end is now seriously impressive.

In 2017, Sony will offer a selection of more affordable TVs that still feature the company’s high-end tech and quality craftsmanship. You might not be guaranteed 4K Ultra HD visuals or HDR support, but what you will get is a quality display, complete with Sony processing and smarts.

The most affordable but still awesome Sony TVs for 2017 will be the RE4, WE6 and WE75. All of these are Full HD 1080p panels, complete with some solid Sony software. Here’s what you can expect and how the three compare in terms of specs, design, features and performance.

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Sony RE4 vs WE6 vs WE75: Sony RE4, WE6 and WE75 all feature X-Reality Pro

Sony’s processing is one of the Japanese gaint’s greatest achievements when it comes to TVs. It’s that intelligent use of the hardware through to the rather smart software that really gets the best out of every display.

The lower-end RE4, WE6 and WE75 all feature the Sony X-Reality Pro processing, which was top end just a few years ago.

That X-Reality processor is able to analyse inidividual pixels based on physical dimensions as well as time in order to determine the best possible hue, saturation and brightness. The result is an ideal image (given the limits of the hardware) no matter the input signal. One of the biggest advantages is that you don’t need to faff about with settings depending on what you’re watching, as the TV will take care of everything for you.

This also means all three TVs are able to offer Sony’s Motionflow XR 400Hz, to ensure blur in fast moving images is kept to a minimum on those 1080p screens.

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Sony RE4 vs WE6 vs WE75: The WE75 features a Triluminous display

Of these three TVs, the WE75 is the most premium as it’s the only one to feature a Triluminous display. That should mean a wider palette of colours and more natural shades and hues, for fussy viewers. A more precise colour mapping should also make for a more refined picture, with a sharper finish.

The WE75 also features a slim aluminium bezel, to give its design a more premium finish than the WE6 or RE4. These also feature slim bezels, but not that metallic build.

Sony RE4 vs WE6 vs WE75: The WE75 and WE6 are smart

All three of these TVs come with smart TV functionality, including a browser if you really want to hit up the internet on a telly. Downloading apps for things like catch-up TV, music and news is supported in all cases. BBC iPlayer right there on the TV should also make access to shows via an internet connection fast and simple.

Sony RE4 vs WE6 vs WE75: Sizing, UK price and release date

The WE75 and WE6 come in up to 49-inch sizes, which is certainly big enough for a modest lounge. Sadly the RE4 is also only available in up to a 40-inch size, which makes it better suited to kitchens, bedrooms and so on.

The Sony WE75, WE6 and RE4 are all due soon in 2017. Sony has not confirmed pricing for these TVs yet but they will definitely be on the affordable side, compared with its more premium offerings.

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