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Better Call Saul Season 3 hits Netflix UK: How to watch and download it now

Better Call Saul is back for season three, offering a return for more Breaking Bad characters and a darker vibe, just like the show it’s based on. Here’s the full skinny on Better Call Saul’s Netflix UK return in 2017, including the release dates of each episode, how to download the series for offline viewing and more about the story and various characters.

When is Better Call Saul season three coming to Netflix UK?

Breaking Bad season three’s first episode was released on April 11 2017, on Netflix UK. However, Netflix has chosen to upload just a single episode each week, as if the show were airing on TV. This means you’ll have to wait a full week for episode two and so on.

The release dates for each Better Call Saul episode are as follows, with each episode hitting Netflix UK in the early morning (around 3am). Netflix hasn’t confirmed the exact release date of the final four episodes, but bearing in mind that the other episodes are becoming available each Tuesday, it’s safe to assume the final episodes will follow suit.

If so, this means the entire series of Better Call Saul will be available on Netflix from June 13.

Episode 1 (Mabel): April 11

Episode 2 (Witness): April 18

Episode 3 (Sunk Costs) April 25

Episode 4 (Sabrosito): May 2

Episode 5 (Chicanery): May 9

Episode 6 (Off Brand): May 16

Episode 7: May 23 (TBC)

Episode 8: May 30 (TBC)

Episode 9: June 6 (TBC

Episode 10: June 13 (TBC)

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Will Better Call Saul season three be available to download from Netflix?

Yes, you can download each episode of Better Call Saul series three to your mobile device, be it Android or iOS, to enjoy offline. Of course, you’ll have to wait for each episode to become available to stream before you can download them.

How can I watch Better Call Saul season three in 4K UHD?

Well, first of all you’ll need a 4K TV and a good enough home WiFi setup (something that would send Chuck running for the hills). You’ll then need a Netflix Premium subscription to gain access to that glorious Ultra HD content.

It’s also possible to watch Better Call Saul in 4K on your home PC, although the requirements are rather strict at the moment.

Check out our guide on how to watch Netflix shows in 4K for more information.

What can I expect from season three of Better Call Saul?

Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman is surely close now, although season three of Better Call Saul is set a full six years before he finally meets Walter White. For now Jimmy is still a small-time attorney supporting the underdogs with partner Kim, but that’s about to be blown apart by his brother Chuck’s elaborate ruse.

Meanwhile Mike was ready to bump off the rather menacing cartel boss Hector Salamanca, until someone intervened. Question is, who was it and what happens next?

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Will any more Breaking Bad characters return for Better Call Saul season three?

We’ve already been treated to appearances from Tuco and Don Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad, while Mike is now a recurring character who’s already entwined in Jimmy’s story.

In season three of Better Call Saul, it’s been confirmed several times that fan favourite Gus Fring will make a typically sinister return. We’re not sure of how Jimmy and Gus’ paths with cross, but we can’t wait to see Gus back in action.

How can I watch Better Call Saul season three, and earlier series?

Netflix UK currently offers all twenty episodes of Better Call Saul from season one and two. You can stream them or download to a mobile device, to watch on the move.

Don’t have Netflix? No worries, you can buy digital copies of the first two seasons of Better Call Saul on the likes of iTunes, to stream on your TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Alternatively, you can buy both series on DVD from the usual retailers including Amazon.

If you want to watch season three of Better Call Saul but you don’t have Netflix, why not buy a subscription? Bear in mind that the whole series won’t be available until June most likely, so you might want to wait until then if there’s nothing else you’d like to check out. You can bag a free 30 day subscription if you’re a first time customer.

Alternatively, series three of Better Call Saul should be available to download from the likes of iTunes once it’s fully released on Netflix. So, from summer 2017.