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How can I watch BT Sport on my phone or tablet?

If you’re a BT Sport subscriber, here’s how to download the BT Sport app onto your iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, iPad or Android tablet and watch BT Sport events on the move.

BT Sport is fast becoming one of the most loved sources of sport in the UK. BT has already introduced UHD 4K football and works across many platforms for rugby, motorsport, UFC and more. You can already watch BT Sport on plenty of TV services such as Sky, Virgin Media and YouView. Hell, you can even enjoy BT Sport programming on Freeview.

Question is, how can you watch BT Sport on the go?

BT Sport is available in app form, allowing subscribers to enjoy the latest Premier League matches and more on their phones or tablets when out and about. Or simply while taking a crafty toilet break at work. Don’t deny it.

Here’s how you can watch BT Sport on your phone or tablet, wherever you roam.

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Can I watch BT Sport on my iPhone, Android phone or Windows Phone?

Your smartphone is the main platform that the BT Sport app is intended to work on – BT says that the app is optimised for mobile phones over tablets. Of course that means it will work over a mobile data connection, so you can watch BT Sport anywhere you have a good enough 4G or 3G connection. You don’t have to seek out a dependable Wi-Fi network. But beware of shocking data charges, of course.

The BT Sport app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone handsets. And the good news is, the app has had a redesign for the 2016-2017 season that should make viewing your favourite sporting events even easier than it once was.

What BT Sport channels and shows can I watch on my mobile phone?

All mobile versions of the BT Sport app – be they iOS, Android or Windows – give subscribers access to BT Sport 1, BT Sport Europe, BT Sport 2 and ESPN on the go.

That means sports fans can enjoy live events on the app, as they play out. This includes football in the form of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, SPL Bundesliga, Serie A and 42 Premier League games in the 2016 season. From the two UEFA leagues, BT Sport will air every single game for the season.

Rugby fanatics get to watch the Aviva Premiership and European Rugby Championships. There’s also WTA tennis, MotoGP racing and UFC fights, all available via the app.

The BT Sport app also offers video highlights, news, fixtures and results tailored to each sport, meaning quick glances of the app to keep up-to-date is also an option, if you’re not able to watch live.

All this can also be watched on any screen via your phone or tablet, thanks to Chromecast functionality. If you have a Chromecast device, you’ll be able to fling the video feed to the connected screen with an icon tap on the phone. So if you’re watching at a mate’s place who has a massive TV but not a BT Sport subscription, just plug in a Chromecast, fling away and enjoy.

What does the new BT Sport video player update offer?

The BT Sport app update for the 2016-2017 season is focused on offering a better video experience when watching via a smartphone. This new player works with Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League football matches.

BT’s video player now allows viewers to enjoy in-game match highlights, giving you more control over catching all the best moments. That also includes replays from alternative angles, so you can pore over every detail of a game. You’ll have lots of in-match stats to analyse right there from within the app too.

What do I need to watch BT Sport on a phone or tablet?

The primary concern here is getting a subscription. If you’re not a paying BT Sport customer then the app isn’t of much use. You’ll use your BT ID to login and gain access to all the content via the app.

If you want to watch BT Sport Europe, BT Sport 2 and ESPN you’ll also need to have a BT Sport Pack subscription for £5 per month extra.

You can install the app on as many mobile devices as you like and login with the same ID. The only restriction here is that you’ll only be able to watch on two devices at the same time, with a single BT ID login.

You’ll be limited to enjoying BT’s sports offerings in the UK only too. Of course, you might be able to get around that using a VPN, but we’re not saying that’s an official bit of advice.

BT also points out that “some live programmes are not available in the BT Sport app due to rights restrictions”. It doesn’t go into details here.

To download the BT Sport app, check out the following links.

BT Sport on iOS

BT Sport on Android

BT Sport on Windows Phone

How much does BT Sport cost?

There are plenty of options for subscribing to BT Sport, each varying in price.

If you’ve already got Sky, then you can upgrade with a BT Sport HD package with a 1-12 month contract that starts at £22 per month for the first three months then jumps to £27 per month and requires a £15 activation fee.

BT Sport HD is initially free with a BT TV subscription. This is available on a 12 month contract that starts at £19 per month. The first three months give away BT Sport HD as free the it’s £5 per month thereafter – but BT Sport in standard definition is free for the duration of the contract.

BT Sport also comes free initially with a BT Broadband subscription at £19 per month. Then it’s £5 per month, but this example only applies to the standard definition BT Sports package.