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How do I stream Sky Go to a TV, to watch Sky shows or movies on a big screen?

Sky Go is a great way to enjoy Sky channels on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet or phone when you’re away from home, but how can you get Sky Go to work on a TV, to enjoy your favourite Sky shows on a big screen? Here’s all you need to know.

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How do I use Sky Go to watch Sky shows and movies?

If you’ve headed away on holiday and you’re a Sky subscriber, then chances are you’ve got the Sky Go app installed on your phone, tablet or laptop. If not, head to your device’s app store – for iPhone and iPad users, check out the App Store; for Android users, go to the Google Play store; and laptop users can find the necessary software on Sky’s website.

With this installed, you need to login with your Sky ID and password. You should have set this up when you first joined Sky.

With that done, you’re free to browse and enjoy Sky programming on your mobile device. You can also download shows and movies (depending on your Sky package) to watch while you’re offline if you’re a Sky Go Extra customer, which is particularly useful when you’re heading abroad on holiday.

So how do I get Sky Go on a TV, to enjoy Sky on a big screen when I’m away from home?

Of course, if your hotel has a TV, you might want to connect your mobile device to the telly so you can enjoy Sky shows on a bigger screen. It’s especially more comfortable if you’re watching something with the whole family, instead of cramming all your heads around a tablet.

Sadly, you can’t simply connect your phone or tablet to a TV and then play Sky Go content. Sky Go doesn’t support HDMI connections from mobile devices, or the various forms of screen casting such as Chromecast; if you attempt to use Sky Go while your mobile device is connected to a telly, you’ll simply get a warning message and the app won’t work.

Likewise, Smart TVs currently don’t support Sky Go, so you won’t find the app available to download for your telly’s app store.

The only way you can enjoy Sky Go on a big screen is by using a laptop. Connect your laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable and you can then stream your Sky Go content as before, with your movies and shows appearing on the larger panel.

It’s unlikely that Sky will add support for streaming Sky Go from an iPad, iPhone or Android device any time soon, unfortunately.

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