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How to watch Netflix in 4K on your Windows PC or laptop

Our guide to watching 4K Netflix movies and TV shows on your Windows PC reveals everything you need to know to enjoy Ultra HD (UHD) video streaming on your Windows 10 computer.

Windows fans can finally stream their favourite Netflix shows and films in glorious 4K, despite piracy fears and the rest. However, enjoying those super-crisp UHD visuals is something that few Windows computers are capable of thanks to the rather strict hardware requirements.

Here’s how to watch Netflix videos in 4K on a Windows 10 PC or laptop.

How to watch 4K Netflix with Windows 10: What are the hardware and software requirements?

First up, you need the correct Netflix subscription to get involved with UHD streaming. A Premium subscription is required to watch 4K video, which costs £8.99 a month. The Basic and Standard subscriptions won’t cut it.

You’ll also need a strong enough internet connection to cope with this highly demanding activity. Check out our complete guide to 4K video streaming to check if your home WiFi setup is good enough to indulge in some UHD Netflix.

Now onto the Windows laptop or PC itself. A 4K monitor or laptop screen is, of course, necessary to enjoy those Ultra HD visuals. Unfortunately, you’ll also need some very specific computer hardware to watch Netflix content in 4K, which means few Windows 10 devices are currently compatible.

Your Windows PC needs one of Intel’s shiny new Kaby Lake processor packed inside, which at the time of writing are only available in a handful of laptops and have only just been announced for desktop PCs as of CES 2017. Therefore you’ll likely have to wait until later into the year before you can get your hands on an affordable Windows machine that can stream 4K Netflix.

If you’re fortunate enough to own a Kaby Lake device, however, then simply open up the Microsoft Edge browser (no other browser is compatible, annoyingly) and head to You’ll be able to stream video in 4K.

How to watch 4K Netflix with Windows 10: What can I watch in 4K?

Netflix is offering a growing selection of 4K movies and shows, so home cinema buffs have plenty to get stuck into.

All of Netflix’s original content is now being filmed in glorious 4K, so you can enjoy the likes of Daredevil, House of Cards and so on with Ultra HD visuals. You can also stream classic shows like Breaking Bad in 4K, plus movies such as Star Trek: Into Darkness and Skyfall.