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Mega Marvel Movie Quiz: Test your Marvel movie knowledge

Marvel films are crazy popular right now, as shown by the stunning profits they pull in and the fact that a new one comes out every 34 minutes. From the original Iron Man right up to the brilliant Spiderman reboot, Marvel movies thrill audiences around the world with their skilful blend of humour and great characterisation, not to mention some serious skull-pounding action set pieces.

Captain America: Civil War certainly kicked things up a notch, just when we thought we might finally tire of the formula. With its fantastic action scenes from the very first minute right up to the exhausting, emotional climax, this film was a great addition to Marvel’s cinematic canon. We were even more impressed with Spider-man: Homecoming, which gave us a more grounded story than usual as well as the best version of the webbed wonder so far.

But how much do you know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU for short? Do you know your Clint Bartons from your Phil Coulsons? We’ve devised the ultimate MCU fan quiz to really test your mettle. Be warned, however: this quiz doesn’t mess around, so if you somehow manage a perfect score, that’s something worth bragging about to your Marvel-loving chums.

Another warning. This quiz contains spoilers for movies up to and including Doctor Strange. So if you haven’t seen some of the recent films, maybe give them a watch and then come back to see how much Marvel trivia has stuck in your brain.

Good luck!