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Best games to download and stream on the Nvidia Shield TV

We review the best games for the Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield Tablet that you can play right now, via Google Play or the GeForce streaming service. From console-quality action games like Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance and Bioshock Remastered, to atmospheric adventure games and crafty puzzlers, these are our favourite titles right now.

Nvidia’s Shield devices are basically heaven for a home entertainment junkie. Not only can you stream and enjoy your favourite movies and shows through the Shield TV, but you can also play exclusive games using the awesome Nvidia controller. And with Nvidia’s own GeForce gaming service, you can stream the latest titles over the internet. Imagine playing Witcher 3 and other badass games in your living room, with no need for a console like the PS4 Pro.

Here’s our pick of the very best games you can download or stream right now on the Nvidia Shield TV and Shield Tablet.

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Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Metal Gear Solid 2

One of the most controversial and yet also the most enjoyable Metal Gear games was undoubtedly this second entry, sub-titled ‘Sons of Liberty’. The title launched on the Playstation 2, although it’s since been remastered and re-released as an ‘HD’ version on various consoles, and it’s this spruced-up remake that you can now enjoy on the Nvidia Shield TV from the Google Play store.

As usual, the aim of the game is subtle infiltration. You must sneak your way around a massive oil rig, to rescue the US President from a shady gang known as Dead Cell. Gameplay is tight, the main campaign is absolutely enormous and the boss fights are as epic as ever.

Plus, you can enjoy all of the VR missions bundled with the HD version as an added bonus.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Bioshock Remastered

If you’re a subscriber to the GeForce gaming service, you can get stuck into a remastered version of the original Bioshock right now, at no extra cost.

Even though it’s a decade old now, this atmospheric action RPG hasn’t lost any of its punch. The sinister domes and creepy hallways of Rapture still send a shiver down our collective spines, with no safe haven from the deadly residents. You’ll need to master your plasmid powers and keep well away from the iconic Big Daddies if you want to escape this watery tomb intact.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Portal

If you still haven’t played the absolutely brilliant Portal, then what on earth is wrong with you? Sure, this physics-based puzzle game can really bust your noggin if you’re not used to complex brain teasers. But successfully completing each task rewards you with more rib-tickling abuse from the hilariously malevolent AI who’s holding you hostage. Plus the song that plays over the final credits is hideously addictive.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is available in all of its gory glory on Shield TV and Shield Tablet, which is great news for fans of the hyper-violent cel-shaded action RPG series. This sprawling shooter offers up a ridiculous amount of loot to plunder and an army of baddies to dispatch, with a greater variety of environments to explore.

Of course, Borderlands 2 is best played with friends and is easily one of the best co-op experiences on the Shield TV so far. You can thankfully drop in and out of a buddy’s campaign at any time, making things pleasingly stress-free.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Pavilion

Pavilion was actually an Nvidia Shield exclusive at launch, although this clever puzzle game has since landed on the PS4, PS Vita and PC.

The aim of the game is simple enough – just guide your little man to the exit in each level. Of course, you don’t actually have direct control over the wee fella. Rather, you have to prod him in the right direction by using the environment itself. You can ring bells, flick lights on and off and so on, and only through a bit of trial and error will you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Featuring gorgeous, pin-sharp visuals and one of those hauntingly beautiful soundtracks, Pavilion is a strangely relaxing armchair experience. It’s also a bit of a brain bender in later levels; don’t expect any kind of help or guidance from the game itself, which leaves you to figure out absolutely everything on your lonesome.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: The Uncertain

Fans of point and click adventures should also check out episodic sci-fi title The Uncertain. You play as the catchily-named RT-217NP, a ‘free’ robot living in a post-apocalyptic Earth where humans are seemingly extinct. But when a ship smuggling live humans crashes in your back yard, you’re thrust into a dangerous quest to discover why those in charge have been lying to everyone.

The Uncertain definitely runs at a gentle pace, while the puzzles won’t tax hardcore point and click fans. But an intriguing story and the main character’s dry observations about human existence make for some chucklesome moments.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance

We love the Metal Gear franchise here at Recombu Towers, but in our old age we’re a lot less patient. The hell with sneaking around in a cardboard box, we just want to violently eviscerate our opponents while laughing maniacally. Which is why Revengeance is so gosh darn brilliant.

This Shield-exclusive Metal Gear game sees you tearing through foes with a samurai sword, in an all-out action-fest reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series. The swordplay is fantastically rewarding, with a smart yet simple block and counter-attack mechanism that allows you to take on hordes of baddies at once. It’s dumb and cheesy, sure, not to mention pricey for an Android title, but Revengeance is so much ridiculous fun that you won’t even care.

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Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Parallax

Love mind-bending games like Portal? Chances are you’ll enjoy Parallax. The presentation may be quite dry compared with the brilliant Portal, but Parallax’s mesmerising gameplay demands some seriously lateral thinking and the puzzles are no less rewarding when you finally conquer them.

Switch between black and white dimensions on the fly, bash switches, fly over deadly drops and reach the exit – hopefully – in one piece.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Need For Speed No Limits

The Need For Speed franchise has been going for donkeys, but the Shield TV entry No Limits is just as ridiculously entertaining as ever. Pimp out your chosen whip, take down opponents by smashing them into obstacles and blast away from the filth with your nitrous boosters. What more could you want from a racer?

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Leo’s Fortune

This addictive little platform game immediately won us over with its cuteness, but the reason we kept on playing to the very end was its enjoyable gameplay, which rides a steady balance between challenging and infuriating. With its gorgeous visuals and pick-up-and-play nature, it’s perfect for a quick family game session.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: ePSXe

This PSOne emulator is one of the best we’ve ever tried, giving us the chance to replay classics like Dino Crisis, Crash Bandicoot and Parasite Eve all over again. You can save your game in the old style, using a virtual memory card, or also at any point using ePSXe’s handy built-in save function. All you need is the original game ROMs and you’re good to go.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: The Walking Dead

You can still play the original TellTale Walking Dead games on the Shield TV, which remain some of the hardest-hitting experiences of all time, along with an all-new adventure, The Walking Dead: Michonne.

Featuring new characters and new opportunities to gruesomely dismember the undead, Michonne is just one episode in at the time of writing, but already seems to be building up to some gore-filled and potentially heart-wrecking climax.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: GTA: Chinatown Wars

Chinatown Wars is one of our most favourite mobile games of all time, and now you can play  this ultraviolent adventure on the Nvidia Shield TV. Presented with a top-down perspective reminiscent of the original GTAs, Chinatown Wars also takes a step back to the over-the-top cartoony violence of the series’ origins.

The conversations and cutscenes are hilarious, the action is brutal and the mini games and drugs trade mechanics add a refreshing touch to the tried-and-tested GTA gameplay.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: This War of Mine

If you’re maybe feeling a little bit down and need cheering up, we’d recommend steering clear of this on the Shield TV. On the other hand, if you want to immerse yourself in a horrific post-apocalyptic world where you can’t trust anyone you see and have to make harrowing life-or-death decisions, then jump on in.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Titan Souls

This retro-style action game is very reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, pitting you against creatures many times your size with nothing more than a bow and arrow. This series of boss fights sees you searching out the weak spots of all manner of bizarre beasties, taking them down one at a time – although your true motivations are sketchy at best. Fast-paced, thrilling and as tough as a sack of nails at times.

Best games for Shield TV and Shield Tablet: Half Life 2

Another Shield exclusive, the original Half Life 2 and its expansions are available in full to download to the Shield TV. Even a decade on, these games are still a serious high point in the FPS genre, offering a strong story, memorable weapons and some truly manic set pieces.

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