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Nvidia Shield TV Pro vs Shield TV 2017: What’s the difference?

Nvidia Shield TV Pro vs Shield TV: What’s the difference between the standard and Pro models of Nvidia’s sexy streaming box, the Shield TV? Here’s all you need to know.

We’re massive fans of the Nvidia Shield TV 2017, the all-new updated version of the original Shield TV streamer from 2015. This new 2017 model gave us several updates, including a dinky new design, while keeping all of the great telly and game streaming features that we already love.

And now there’s a Pro model, which offers even stronger specs than the standard Shield TV. But what’s the difference between the normal Shield streaming box and the new Pro version? Here’s our comparison feature, so you know where to slap down your cash.

Shield TV Pro vs Shield TV: Design

One of the biggest differences between the normal Shield TV 2017 and the Shield TV Pro is the design of the two.

The Shield TV Pro sports the same build as the original Shield TV from 2015, which means it’s a bit of a beast. Meanwhile the Shield TV 2017 boasts a more compact design, great news if you’re running out of space around your home entertainment centre.

The standard Shield TV weighs just 250g, versus the 654g Pro. And while the dinky Shield TV has slender 98x159x26mm dimensions, the Pro beefs this up to 130x210x25mm.

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Shield TV Pro vs Shield TV: Specs and peripherals

However, although the Shield TV Pro is a beast compared with the standard Shield TV, you do get slightly better specs and a greater selection of ports.

Connectivity is stronger, as the Pro model sports a microSD slot and micro USB slot, just like the very first Shield TV. You won’t find either on the standard Shield TV 2017. However, you get HDMI connectivity and USB ports on both models, for hooking up your telly and other peripherals (like an external hard drive).

Speaking of hard drives, the Pro boosts the 2017 Shield TV’s internal 16GB hard drive to a mighty 500GB effort. Of course, you can always slot an external hard drive into the back of the standard Shield streamer, to boost the storage for media purposes.

When it comes to the rest of the specs, there’s no difference between these two boxes. You get the same processor, the same memory and so on. With both the standard Shield TV 2017 and the Pro version, you also get Nvidia’s new remote and controller bundled in the box. 

Shield TV Pro vs Shield TV: Features and streaming

Features-wise, these streaming boxes are the exact same.

Movie and TV fans can stream 4K HDR content from the likes of Netflix, with support for other streaming services like Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu also included. Meanwhile gamers can stream direct from a PC, or using Nvidia’s GeForce Now subscription service.

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Both the standard Shield TV and the Shield TV Pro support the Google Assistant AI feature, and will work with the Nvidia Spot when it’s released in the UK later this year.

Shield TV Pro vs Shield TV: UK price

The standard Shield TV costs £189 and can be grabbed from the Shield TV store, as well as online retailers like Amazon.

Meanwhile the Shield TV Pro costs £279, an extra £90 over the smaller Shield streamer. You can also pick it up from the Shield store right now, as well as Amazon and friends.