Sky Broadband subscribers who suspect their exchange is overloaded can now make a quick check online - if their service is fast enough.

The ‘no traffic shaping’ broadband provider admitted this week that it had taken on too many new subscribers at exchanges in Doncaster, North Wales and Bristol.

The problems are are said to have affected ‘less than five per cent’ of Sky’s subcribers - in the region of 200,000 customers.

Sky Broadband slowdown: Postcode checker to identify over-subscribed exchanges
Unlimited but useless

Sky refused to name all the affected exchanges, but has created a postcode checker for subscribers to see if they’re in a problem area.

Sky said: "Following a combination of an underlining increase in network traffic as well as a high rate of new customer additions, we are aware of capacity issues in a small number of exchanges.

"We are working on adding new capacity to those exchanges as quickly as we can. We apologise to all customers who have been impacted by this issue."

The speed loss has apparently affected only ADSL customers, with speeds dropping in the worst cases from 16Mbps to less than 1Mbps, as The Register reported earlier this week.

January 25, 2013