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Tado additional thermostat and radiator valves: Hands-on with zoned heating

Smart heating experts Tado unveiled two new products at IFA 2015 that’ll afford you even more control over the temperature of your home. 

Both the Tado Additional Smart Thermostat and Radiator Thermostat are designed to support the principle of zoned heating

This means instead of heating up the entire house, you’ll be able to set up units in specific rooms, therefore giving you a less indiscriminate degree of control. With these extra devices you’ll be able to turn up the heat in individual rooms, floors or ‘zones’ of your home; useful if some corners of your house or flat get colder than others in the winter. 

We caught up with Christian Deilmann, CEO and founder of Tado at IFA to tell us more about the company’s latest move. Rather than be a jack of all trades and a master of none, Deilmann wants Tado to provide a peerless home heating and cooling service. 

Read our review of the Tado (second generation) smart heating system “The only players that are really able to launch a platform like that are the big players and operating system manufacturers,” Deilmann said. “Microsoft, Google and so on… We’re more interested in giving customers a specific solution.” 

As well as being the best in the field, another central aim of the Tado team is for it to work in the background. 

“We want Tado to be more like an assistant. It just gets on with the job of heating or cooling your home to your liking. You should be able to ignore this and get on with your life, but if you ever want to change the temperature, you can easily do that.” 

This philosophy extends to the design of the current thermostat, which feature soft LED controls that fade from view when they’re not in use, gently springing to life when you touch them. Both the additional thermostat and the radiator valve feature this and they’re both fashioned from the same cream-coloured matt plastic shell. 

Rolling out radiator valves and additional thermostats consolidates Tado’s existing position on smart heating, one which is already distinguished by being one of the few systems on the market to support Windows Phone. 

Related: Tado launches Kickstarter-funded smart AC control and IFTTT channelsDeilmann was also keen to point out that Tado is set to earn the top A+++ rating for energy efficiency. This is the same EU rating which you’ll have seen applied to fridges and washing machines; as of September 26, this ratings system will also apply to smart heating systems sold in Europe.

Without naming names, Deilmann was confident that rival suppliers wouldn’t earn the same distinction. 

The Additional Smart Thermostat is available to pre-order directly from Tado now. It’s priced at €199 (£179) and will start shipping in November. 

Customers interested in taking part in a beta trial of the Radiator Valve can sign up now. While there’s no specific sign-up page on the Tado site, you can contact the UK team here

These will also be going on sale later in the year, but there’s no price or ETA available yet.