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How to find out when your Virgin Media up to 200Mbps speed boost is coming

Virgin Media will be bumping up customer’s download speeds over the next nine months. Here’s how to find out when you’ll get your speed boost. 

This latest speed boost promises to be Virgin Media’s fastest yet – literally. While the last one took around 18 months to be completed, the cable company is aiming to get the job done in half that time. 

By the end of 2015, 90 per cent of customers on Virgin Media’s network will be able to sign up for a speed boost. 

This will mean you’ll have to ‘recontract’ with Virgin Media (or ‘sign a new contract’ in normal person speak) if you want to get the speed boost immediately. 

If you’ve just signed a new contract, you’re halfway through one or you’re simply not up for recontracting yet for whatever reason, you can use this postcode checker to see when Virgin Media will roll out boosts in your area. 

How to find out when your Virgin Media up to 200Mbps speed boost is incoming

We were sent this screengrab from a reader in Highbury, London, which shows that Virgin engineers have already started work in this area, with a view of getting this customer boosted by the end of November. 

Head over to Virgin’s postcode checker to find out when you’re due to get yours. Feel free to post screengrabs in the comments below if you want to let people know when speed boosts are coming to your area. You can also use our broadband speed test tool to check your speed right now. 

Virgin Media customers currently getting up to 50Mbps will get boosted up to 70Mbps and customers while 100Mbps customers will get kicked up a notch to the ‘Vivid’ 150Mbps service. 

If you were getting the top tier 152Mbps service before, Virgin Media’s speed boost will take you up to the lofty heights of 200Mbps. 

Virgin Media’s DOCSIS cable footprint currently covers around 12.5 million UK premises. Earlier this year, Virgin announced the omnimous-sounding ‘Project Lightning’ – an upgrade programme that’ll see its footprint expanding to cover an extra 4 million homes over the next five years.