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Xbox One X and HDR: What does the One X’s HDR10 support mean?

Microsoft’s new Xbox One X console is a supercharged home entertainment system, offering incredible visuals whether you’re blasting through next-gen games or kicking back with a Blu-ray movie or some Netflix streaming.

Like the One S and the Sony PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X supports playback of HDR content. Specifically, HDR10 standard video. Question is, what actually is HDR, what is HDR10 and do you have the right equipment to enjoy the One X’s HDR visuals?

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What is HDR?

HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’, and it’s a technology that’s becoming increasingly common in premium TVs, projectors and monitors.

Many people just tend to think about screen resolution when it comes to picking a telly, but the visual quality is actually determined by many other factors. HDR screens offer improved detail levels, contrast and colour reproduction when compared with non-HDR panels, as well as boosted brightness levels. Stick an HDR TV next to one with the tech and you’ll really notice the difference, just like you can when comparing SD to HD.

Check out our in-depth what is HDR feature to learn everything you need to know about this next-gen TV tech.

What is HDR10?

To complicate matters somewhat, there are different formats of HDR. Think of it like Blu-ray vs HD DVD. They’re similar, but each has its own benefits and requires different hardware to be enjoyed.

HDR10’s biggest ‘rival’ right now is Dolby Vision. In many ways HDR10 isn’t quite as superior as Dolby’s solution, but HDR10 is the more common format found on devices in 2017.

Check out our HDR10 vs Dolby Vision comparison to see what the differences are.

Is the Xbox One X the only console to offer HDR visuals?

Nope. In fact, both the Xbox One S and the Sony PS4 Pro also offer HDR10 support. So if you own one of those consoles, you can already enjoy HDR visuals – and possibly are, if you have the right kit.

What do I need to enjoy HDR10 on the Xbox One X?

All you need is an HDR10-ready TV. These are becoming increasingly common and can be picked up from plenty of UK high street stores as well as online.

Our HDR explainer will tell you everything you need to know.