LG Tone Free HBS-FN7 Review

The Tone Free HBS-FN7 are LG’s most premium quality headphones yet, but are they good enough to make the brand a contender in the true wireless market?

What we love — Big improvement on its predecessors, and the tactile touch pad works well

The FN7 is a big step up over its predecessor in almost every respect, but the most notable improvement is the introduction of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which certainly helps to make the music stand out. The bass is significantly boosted in this iteration, avoiding the trap of being too tinny, and it deals very well with complex, multi-layered tracks.

The touch controls, accessible via a small protruding nub at the top of the earbud, allow for a total of six different inputs to control audio playback and this is well-executed in practice, with it being far easier to just give the earbuds a tap than having to take your phone out to change the settings.

What we don’t like — Not the best for sound or ANC, and the fit can be uncomfortable for workouts

While the addition of ANC has greatly improved the performance of these headphones, its implementation is not as good as those its rivals; you can still pick up on quite a bit of background noise, and so you don’t get that feeling of complete serenity when you pop the earbuds in.

One irritating flaw is that the headphones don’t feel completely secure when you’re out running, and you might find yourself driven to distraction by having to continually adjust them while you’re on the go.


The Tone Free HBS-FN7 true wireless headphones are not at the very top of the tree with the likes of the Sony WF-1000XM4, but they offer a good overall package for the price. However, you might to avoid them if you mostly use headphones for working out, or if you need very strong noise cancellation.

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