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iPad Pro 2017 models in a nutshell: Specs, rumours and UK price and release date

Three full-sized models of Apple iPad Pro 2 are likely to be launched by Apple in 2017, with a new iPad Pro Mini also rumoured to be in the works. Here's all we know about the new iPad Pro 2 tablets, including leaked specs and how they compare to the original iPad Pro devices.

Apple has already launched two iPad Pro tablets, the 9.7-inch model and the rather massive 12.9-inch version. Both of these tablets hit the UK in 2016 and boast premium performance, detailed displays and impressive input for creative users thanks to the nifty (and expensive) Apple Pencil. Essentially they're laptop replacements, especially if you connect Apple's own Smart Keyboard cover.

In 2017, rumours and leaks suggest that we'll see at least three iPad Pro 2 devices launched by Apple. Here's everything you need to know about the new iPad Pro tablets.

iPad Pro 2: New 10.5-inch model and updated specs

While the first generation of iPad Pro came in two sizes (9.7 and 12.9), the second gen tablets will apparently be available in three sizes. As well as 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch, you can expect a third 10.5-inch iPad Pro model to be launched later in 2017.

All three of these 2017 iPad Pro tablets will boast updated specs compared with the first generation of Pro devices. That means the latest Apple processor (an A10 Fusion X perhaps?) as well as the awesome new camera tech housed in the iPhone 7.

However, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2 will boast even more improvements compared with the other two models. For a start, it's expected to come packing a near bezel-free design; in other words, the screen will cover almost the entire front panel. To achieve this, Apple will ditch the physical home button, with the TouchID functionality moved to the screen itself. The result will be a device that's the same size as the 9.7-inch Pro, but with a truly stunning design and display.

An on-screen home button makes sense, as it's one less component that could go wrong (and something we're expecting to see on Samsung's new Galaxy S8 handset).

iPad Pro 2: Will there be an iPad Pro Mini?

As well as two new full-sized iPad Pro tablets, leaks suggest that we'll get a iPad Pro 2 Mini from Apple in 2017, packing the premium specs and Pencil support of the full-sized Pro tablets into a Mini-sized device.

That's both good news and bad news. Good news, because a more portable version of the iPad Pro that can be comfortably wielded with one hand sounds absolutely lovely. But bad news too, because it means no more wallet-friendly Mini devices - so the excellent iPad MIni 4 is likely the last of the line.

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iPad Pro 2 (2017) rumoured specs

Name Apple iPad Pro 9.7 (2017)
Screen size 9.7-inches
Screen resolution 2048x1536
Processor Apple A10X Fusion
Storage 128/256GB
Rear camera 12-megapixel
Front camera 7-megapixel
Name Apple iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)
Screen size 10.5-inches
Screen resolution 2048x1536
Processor Apple A10X Fusion
Storage 128/256GB
Rear camera 12-megapixel
Front camera 7-megapixel
Name Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)
Screen size 12.9-inches
Screen resolution 2732x2048
Processor Apple A10X Fusion
Storage 128/256GB
Rear camera 12-megapixel
Front camera 7-megapixel

For a run-down of the iPad Pro Mini's specs and rumoured features, check out our iPad Pro Mini in a nutshell feature.

Will the iPad Pro 2 be worth upgrading to?

If you already own one of last year's iPad Pro tablets, it seems unlikely that an upgrade in 2017 will be necessary. The existing Pro tablets already offer solid performance and all of the features you could want, while the 2017 models will mostly just deliver a bump in specs - and design, in the 10.5-inch model's case.

Of course, if you fancy a smaller version for easy one-handed use, that iPad Pro Mini has serious appeal.

When is Apple launching the new iPad Pro 2 (2017) tablets?

Apple is said to be launching the two refreshed iPad Pro 2 models early in 2017, perhaps as early as April. However we haven't had official word from Apple yet, so keep checking our what is the next Apple event page to see when official word goes out.

As for the all-new iPad Pro 10.5, this is rumoured to be coming later in the year. We might see it teased in that other iPad Pro 2 launch event, but it's unlikely to hit the UK until late 2017.

iPad Pro Mini UK price and release date

If the new Apple iPad Pros are launched in March 2017 as expected, then they should be up for sale in the UK in late March or early April. There's no official word on UK pricing, but you can expect similar pricing to the existing Pro tabs. In other words, the 10.1-inch iPad Pro should cost from £549 and the 12.9-inch model should start at around £699. The Mini version might start from £499.

You can grab the iPad Pro 9.7 from O2 from £36 a month.

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