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Art of Conquest (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide: Conquer this mobile strategy game

Our Art of Conquest tips and tricks guide shows you how to get started with this complex mobile strategy game, including gameplay tactics, how to manage your resources, battle tips and advanced strategies.

What is Art of Conquest for iOS and Android?

Art of Conquest is the latest MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game) to hit our iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You take control of one of six kingdoms in a fantasy realm inhabited by five different races: Humans, Dwarves, Lich, Rakkan and Sylph. Your mission, to expand your borders by taking on (and taking down) your neighbours.

You can expect massive real-time battles featuring hundreds of units, which require skill and careful planning to win. That’s where this tips and tricks guide comes in.

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Who is the best starting hero in Art of Conquest?

Your first choice in the game is a rather important one: which of three heroes will you choose to play as?

Avalon, Avril, and Rufio (Rufiooooo!) each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial that you choose wisely. However, you may pick up one of both of the other heroes as you progress through Art of Conquest, so don’t stress out too much.


Avalon, a.k.a. “Last Hope of Silverwing” (no pressure or anything), boasts the rather nifty Natural Leader ability. For new players this is particularly crucial, as you can call in additional units as well as increase the overall troop capacity (known as the Supply Cap) for Bronze, Silver and Gold units. Very handy indeed if you find your numbers dwindling.

You also have the Capture Resources ability, which throws you extra stuff when you win a battle. Early on, when Power and Stamina are in short supply, that really makes a significant difference.

Finally the Focus Fire skill is handy for taking down boss characters.

Avalon is a solid all-round choice who helps out at every stage of the game. If in doubt, give him a shot.


Avril is a punk rock singer from Canada whose first hit single…oh wait, wrong bio.

Avril is in fact an Ice Mage who proves particularly effective when battling formidable opposition – although her powers consume lots of resources (in the form of Mana), so don’t use them lightly.

Her Ice Wall ability can stop the enemy in its tracks and divide it when necessary, by creating a gigantic Trump-style barrier on the battlefield.

Blizzard can freeze enemy troops solid, leaving them vulnerable to attack. It’s almost unfair really.


Rufio (Rufiooooo!) is otherwise known as The Golden Stallion, to his mates at least. This warrior is basically a tank, dealing over three times his standard damage when he’s fully powered.

His Heroic Leap and Chopping Blade abilities can be combined to devastating effect, wiping out groups of weaker enemies with a single hit. Try using it on the back line of a charging onslaught, particularly those pesky archers, and you’ll see what we mean. You also get the much-needed Resilience ability, to keep going for longer in battle.

Top tip: Stick the majority of your Ability Points into Rufio and throw him the best weapons and armour. He’ll take down boss characters in no time at all.

How do I upgrade my hero in Art of Conquest?

The developers of Art of Conquest recommend sticking your Ability points into your hero’s default ability first, followed by your support ability, and finally the control ability. Leave your DPS ability for later.

Don’t spend all of your Ability points on your active ability, as this won’t be used as frequently as your other abilities.

How do I get started in Art of Conquest?

When you start off in Art of Conquest, you’ll find your hero stuck on a massive map. You can travel around this map simply by tapping. This allows you to find resources, discover and besiege cities and so on.

The map encompasses all six kingdoms, complete with their current borders. These borders will of course move around as cities are taken over, following battles. However, you can only access a small part of the map to begin with, and the rest opens up as you progress.

To begin with, you’ll have to get through a couple of simple battles. This is essentially a tutorial to introduce you to the game’s main fighting mechanics. Try to play strategically, even this early on. Although the battles are easy to win, you have few units to sacrifice.

Eventually you’ll have the ability to build up a stronghold, which allows you to mine for and store resources and train up troops to defend your borders and expand them.

What resources can I collect in Art of Conquest and what are they used for?

Gold, Mana and Wood are usually found scattered around the world, so just tap them to pick them up when you come across them. You can also craft them in your castle, with the correct facilities of course.

Gold and Wood are primarily used to upgrade buildings and technology, while Mana proves particularly handy in battle if you have a mage.

Blood Diamonds, Mithril, and Crystal are much more rare. Occasionally you’ll come across them on the map, but often the have to be stolen from enemies (try intercepting their shipments) or discovered inside chests. You can also purchase them in stores, but they tend to sell out fast, so act quick. These items can’t be created in your stronghold.

Collecting resources is particularly important early in the game, to help you build and expand. Make sure you upgrade your warehouse in your stronghold when you grow big enough, to protect your resources from being plundered.

You’ll quite often come across resource points like lumber mills on your travels around the map. Resources can be sent back to your HQ from these points in transport wagons. If the resources in question are in need, we’d recommend escorting them back to guard against enemy attack. Any attempts by rival players to steal the resources will result in a PvP battle (more on these later).

Which units should I send into battle in Art of Conquest?

This depends on the army you’re facing, as different unit types have their own strengths and weaknesses. As a quick, rough guide, the following holds true:

  • Archers are effective against Spearmen
  • Spearmen are effective against Cavalry
  • Cavalry are effective against Infantry
  • Infantry are effective against Archers

Also bear in mind that:

  • Group units are effective against DPS (Damage Per Second) units such as hero characters
  • DPS units are effective against AOE (Area of Effect) units
  • AOE units are effective against group units

Remember to position low level units at the front line (to effectively act as cannon fodder), with higher level and long-range units towards the back. Your hero positioning will depend on who you chose.

Can I battle other players in Art of Conquest?

Wherever you run into a player from a different kingdom, you can challenge them to a PvP battle. These are very similar to standard fights against the game’s AI, except that the attack and movement speed of all units is slowed down. Take advantage of this to deploy your hero’s abilities at just the right moment.

How do I move my Capital in Art of Conquest?

Once you’ve upgraded your stronghold enough to make it resilient against attack (with a minimum of level 4 City Walls and an upgraded Warehouse), moving it to a new location is a sound idea. This can prove a big booster to your resource levels, as you can plunder other cities when you conquer them. Of course, the drawback is that you stay safe as other players can’t attack your HQ.

Remember to make use of the protection facility when you move your HQ. This handy tool means others aren’t allowed to loot your resources for a full eight hours. Particularly handy when you decide to take a break.

Can I change races in Art of Conquest?

Yes, at any time you can change up your kingdom’s race. However, while your building levels will be unaffected by this act, any progress on your unit technology will be lost. Doing this late in the game is therefore a pretty bad idea.

Note that to change race, you’ll need to accrue some Honor – and the cost rises as you progress through the game.

What is Honor in Art of Conquest and is it useful?

Honor is essentially another resource that you can collect in Art of Conquest. This can be used to upgrade your racial ability, construct new race-specific buildings, recruit new units and even change race.

Honor can be gathered by robbing enemy resource shipments and slaying creatures in the wild. If you’re struggling to raise your Honor levels, you can also dispatch troops to defend your allies’ city walls.

General tips for Art of Conquest

Always use your hero abilities when they are most effective and don’t forget to kit them out with the best equipment as you pick it up.

Always collect resources from points like mills, mines and so on. These resource point supplies refresh every so often, so revisit them whenever you have a moment.

Robbing another player’s resource shipment is very risky business, as you’ll likely incur quite heavy casualties. This is definitely a last resort when resources are low.

Units that can be produced in less than 20 seconds can be rushed for free. You can click a unit and then click “rush” to immediately complete production. But if you immediately select 12 units, you will have to wait longer and rushing is not free.

Communication and teamwork is key in Art of Conquest, if you wish to succeed. Don’t be shy to ask for help when you are under siege, and return the favour by reinforcing your allies’ garrisons when needed. You can even coordinate your attacks on enemy cities, for maximum impact and minimal loss.

You can also borrow troops from any guild mates. These troops are temporarily yours to use how you see fit, even in battle. However, these troops can be recalled at any time, so don’t rely on them too heavily.