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Asus Zenfone AR in a nutshell: Specs, UK Price and Release Date and everything else

Asus Zenfone AR in a nutshell: Asus’ latest feature-packed smartphone is one for gamers, offering full support for Daydream VR and some serious augmented reality creds, as well as impressive all-round performance. Here’s all you need to know about the Asus Zenfone AR including full specs, the UK price and release date.

Asus used CES 2017 to launch a couple of exciting new mobile phones, one of which was the Zenfone AR. This 5.7-inch beast is one of the first smartphones to be Daydream VR compatible, alongside the Google Pixel and Pixel XL and the Moto Z and Moto Z Force. That means you can enjoy the full catalogue of Daydream VR games and apps, which is great news for virtual reality fans. But the Zenfone AR can do much more besides, already making this one of the most exciting mobiles coming to the UK in 2017.

Here’s the full Asus Zenfone AR specs and our run-down of the best features, as well as what we know about the UK price and release date.

Asus Zenfone AR in a nutshell: Specs

Phone Asus Zenfone AR
Weight 170g
Screen size and type 5.7-inches Super AMOLED
Screen resolution 2560×1440 (Quad HD)
Water resistant? No
Fingerprint sensor? Yes
Processor Snapdragon 821
Memory 6 or 8GB
Storage 32 to 256GB
microSD? Yes, up to 2TB
Battery 3300mAh
Rear camera 23-megapixel
Front camera 8-megapixel

Asus Zenfone AR in a nutshell: Best features

As you can see above, the Zenfone AR packs some seriously impressive specs including the latest Snapdragon 821 processor, backed by a mighty 6GB to 8GB of memory. However, there are also some great features that we can’t wait to check out.

Asus Zenfone AR supports Daydream VR

One of the stand-out features of the Zenfone AR is its Daydream VR support, which means you can slip Asus’ smartphone into Google’s Daydream View headset and enjoy a great range of exclusive VR apps and games. We’re already big fans of the Daydream setup, and the collection of games you can play right now.

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Right now there are only four other phones which support Daydream VR, so the Asus Zenfone AR already has one serious advantage over rival handsets. And with a super-sharp 5.7-inch Quad HD screen on board, virtual reality should be truly immersive.

Asus Zenfone AR knows how to Tango

However, as the name of this mobile suggests, the Zenfone AR is also geared towards augmented reality thanks to its built-in ‘Tango’ tech. This gives the phone important qualities like depth perception and object tracking, which are essential when playing with AR games and apps. The Zenfone AR will be able to accurately map out your surroundings and create a 3D model of whatever room you’re stood in, something that few other mobile devices can manage.

This is possible thanks to the super-smart rear camera, which packs three separate sensors. There’s your standard 23-megapixel camera, which can be used to capture sharp, detail-packed shots. Then there’s a second motion tracking lens and a third lens which helps to measure the distance to surrounding objects.

Asus Zenfone AR is a media monster

The Zenfone AR’s 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen isn’t just great for VR. It should also prove excellent for enjoying movies and games on the go, offering super-crisp, vibrant visuals.

And if you want to carry a massive media collection around, no worries. You get up to 256GB of storage space, expandable by a further 2TB with a microSD memory card.

Asus Zenfone AR rocks a sexy design

Love a bit of leather? Good news, because the Zenfone AR sports a cool blend of leather on the back and metal on the edges, which looks great and gives the phone a unique feel.

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Asus Zenfone AR in a nutshell: UK price and release date

So far there are no concrete plans to bring the Asus Zenfone AR to the UK. However, we’re optimistic that Asus will export the new Zenfone to Europe as it’s certainly got plenty of appeal for Western users. Expect to hear in the next month or so if the Zenfone AR is coming to the UK and for how much.

Sadly the UK asking price will no doubt be rather steep, thanks to those premium specs. We reckon it’ll be at least £599 SIM-free if and when it’s launched here in the UK.