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Best (cheaper) alternatives to Samsung’s Galaxy S6

Really fancy Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S6, but can’t afford the premium price tag? We check out similar top-end mobiles that rock awesome features, but at a discount.

1. Sony Xperia Z3

Now available for under £400 without contract, Sony’s Xperia Z3 is still a gorgeous slab of wonderfulness – and possibly Samsung’s influence for the Galaxy S6’s design, given it sports the same glassy surfaces and curved silver edging.

The gorgeous 5.2-inch screen pumps out crisp and vibrant Full HD visuals, proving close competition for the Galaxy S6’s Quad HD display. Dive inside and you’ll find a SnapDragon 801 processor, and while it isn’t as powerful as Samsung’s Exynos chipset, it still holds up perfectly and is ideal for gaming.

Sony’s 20-megapixel camera also holds up well, producing detailed shots in almost any conditions thanks to the smart Auto mode and capable sensor.

2. LG G3

If you want a handset that can match the Galaxy S6’s pin-sharp visuals, look no further than the LG G3. This 5.5-inch beauty also sports a Quad HD panel, which has to be seen to be believed.

We also still love the slim and sexy design, even though the G3 rocks a plastic body, bolstered by seriously good rear-mounted controls. Rammed inside is another Snapdragon 801 processor which keeps the phone ticking over nicely. Plus the 13-megapixel laser-guided camera is still one of the best around, taking gorgeous photos wherever you roam, while the fist-pump-activated selfie cam is perfect for snapping yourself on the go.

But the best news is that the LG G3 can be snagged for just £300 SIM-free now, which frankly is a bargain.

3. Samsung Galaxy Alpha or Galaxy A5

Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha was one of the Korean company’s first forays away from plasticky, ugly design and it looked and felt like more of a flagship device than the ugly Galaxy S5. But the premium, lightweight design wasn’t the only thing it had going for it.

Boasting strong battery life and performance, the Alpha is a great everyday phone. A respectable 12-megapixel camera takes smart everyday shots and the 4.7-inch screen is a great way to take in a movie, even if the 720p visuals aren’t as gorgeously crisp as the Galaxy S6’s.

Samsung’s Galaxy A5, which emerged just before the S6, is another gorgeously designed handset that feels and acts like a premium mobile, but with a mid-range price tag. Decent battery life and a bright, attractive 5-inch 720p screen are the highlights, and while the A5 is quite light on features, it’s a great everyday smartphone.

You can grab the Alpha for around £300 without contract. The Galaxy A5 is around £250 to £300 SIM-free.