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Best free mobile games on Amazon Underground (2017): Download free games for your Android device!

Amazon is offering apps and games that would have previously cost you cash for absolutely nothing, along with zero in-app purchases, via its new Amazon Underground store. Here’s our pick of the best free mobile games that you can download from Amazon Underground for your Android phone or tablet.

First up, Android owners need to download Amazon Underground. Open the app when it’s ready and browse to ‘Apps & Games’ and search for the following games, which will be free to download – with no stinky in-app purchases to ruin the experience.

Best Amazon Underground games: Hitman GO, Deus Ex GO and Lara Croft GO

The ‘GO’ series kicked off with Hitman Go and has now expanded to other videogame series, namely Deus Ex and Tomb Raider. These addictive and challenging puzzle titles see you navigating around compact levels laid out like a board game, evading enemies while trying to complete set objectives. They’re certainly difficult but the feeling of accomplishment when you beat them is amazing.

You can download Hitman GO, Deus Ex GO and Lara Croft GO for free right now from the Amazon Underground store.

Best Amazon Underground games: Stickman Soccer 2016

The latest Stickman Soccer game is as ridiculously fun as ever, offering a cute and simple alternative to full-on football sims like Fifa. You can either take full control over your stickman players or have it so they run around of their own accord, leaving you free to concentrate on dishing up inch-perfect passes.

Best Amazon Underground games: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

This classic (and epic) Star Wars RPG first wowed us on the original Xbox, but now you can download it free of charge to your phone or tablet thanks to Amazon’s Underground apps store. What a world we live in. Take control of a small squad of incredibly well-written characters as you try and piece together your shady past and save the galaxy from yet another nefarious plot. Some incredible twists and memorable moments make this an adventure well worth playing.

Best Amazon Underground games: Dark Echo

This pant-filling survival horror game casts you into a pitch black maze and has you navigating via sonar to try and escape. But with horrible gribblies lurking in the darkness, you’ll have to be quick to survive. Truly horrifying, for all the right reasons, and now free on Amazon Underground.

Best Amazon Underground games: Castle of Illusion

A 3D Castle of Illusion is available for free on Amazon Underground.

Anyone old enough to have owned Sega’s Genesis console will burst with nostalgic joy at Disney’s Castle Of Illusion. This 3D platformer starring everyone’s favourite high-voiced mouse has translated well to Android, with gorgeous graphics and quality presentation, although the on-screen controls can occasionally frustrate. Previously six quid, you can now grab Castle of Illusion for free on Amazon Underground.

Best Amazon Underground games: Threes!

A simple yet adorable and addictive puzzle game that has you combining numbers on a grid. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but you’ll be hooked in minutes. The Amazon Underground version doesn’t come with annoying ads, so you can play unhindered.

Best Amazon Underground games: Goat Simulator Waste of Space

If you’ve already played any of the original Goat Simulator games, you’ll know what to expect with this bloody hilarious sequel, which takes our furry friend with the well-endowed tongue to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Fans of sci fi movies and games will get a kick out of the ririduclous references, while everyone else can simply enjoy the buggy gameplay.

Best Amazon Underground games: Blokshot Revolution

Sling glowing bullets at blocks as they descend towards you, and try not to miss to build up an awesome combo and unlock special powers. A challenging and addictive time-waster that’ll definitely test your reactions.

Best Amazon Underground games: DuckTales Remastered

On Amazon Underground diving into DuckTales: Remastered is free

Another classic is reborn, this time the 8-bit DuckTales platformer. With its shiny new graphics and audio overhaul, which gives authentic voices to the DuckTales cast, this is another fantastically enjoyable and challenging platform game that has you travelling the world as Scrooge McDuck. You can’t save in the middle of each level, so make sure you’ve got enough time to complete each stage before diving in.

Best Amazon Underground games: Badland

Badland is a strangely relaxing little game where you guide flappy creatures through mildly perilous environments, dodging giant cogs, trapdoors, saw blades and other obstacles.

You only need a single flappy thing to reach the end to progress to the next level, but the power-ups you collect along the way will hinder as much as they help, blowing your creatures up into unwieldy monsters and weighing them down so you need to flap all the harder.

With gorgeous graphics and loads of levels, Badland is well worth checking out and a great way to kill two or three minutes at a time.

Best Amazon Underground games: Monument Valley

This gorgeous puzzle game sees you twisting each level’s perspective in order to create new paths and reach the final goal. Along the way, your progress will be blocked by pesky crows, but it’s not possible to die so Monument Valley’s stress levels stay blissfully low.

Best Amazon Underground games: Sorcery!

Traverse a deadly land filled with all manner of nasty beasties and magical creatures in this excellent and well-presented choose-your-own-adventure game. If you don’t mind reading, there’s a lot of entertainment to be had. We particularly like the re-imagined battle system and the ability to cast whatever spell you like at any time, which sometimes helps and sometimes results in your messy and untimely demise.

At the time of writing, you can download both Sorcery! and Sorcery! 2 for free from Amazon’s Underground store.

Best Amazon Underground games: Final Cut: Encore

If you’re a fan of hidden object games, Final Cut: Encore is a solid entry. The plot is completely nuts, involving magical projectors that can transform any room into a scene from a movie. Cue a journey through a deserted film lot that transforms into pirate ships, medieval castles, sultry harems and all manner of weirdness. There are plenty of hidden object scenes and puzzles to solve, along with suitably cheesy FMV cut scenes.

Best Amazon Underground games: Kiwanuka

Another great little puzzle game, Kiwanuka has you guiding a herd of tiny people across dozens of levels, similar to Lemmings but at a more gentle, forgiving pace. Easy to pick up and learn, but some of the more challenging levels will really test your mental agilities.

Let us know your own Amazon Underground favourites in the comments below.