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Best iOS horror games: The scariest iPhone and iPad apps to truly terrify

Want a bunch of recommendations for terrifying horror games that you can download to your iPhone or iPad, for a guaranteed sleepless night? Here’s our pick of the best scary apps on Apple’s App Store right now. 

If it’s bowel-emptying terror you’re after, check out our round-up of the best horror games for iOS devices. You can download these terrifying titles right now for your iPhone and iPad, with the majority costing no more than a couple of quid on the App Store. Once you’ve purchased your selection of scary games and installed them on your handset or tablet, we recommend plugging in some earphones and hiding away under the duvet for a proper all-night scare session.

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Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Fans of classic console horrors such as Silent Hill will be right at home with Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities. In fact, the game’s plot – which sees a feisty heroine called Rose searching for a missing kid – as well as the infrequent save system and dark, grimy environments make this a fitting homage to Konami’s classic pant-filler. Goes without saying, best played alone in the dark with headphones.

Tormentum: Dark Sorrow

This overtly bleak adventure game sticks in the mind a long time after the credits roll, thanks to its sinister setting; a gothic castle that owes plenty to the grisly creations of H.R. Giger. Trapped in this hellish fortress, your only chance of escape is solving all kinds of disgusting puzzles (such as poisoning a giant killer worm with the venom of a deadly spider) and outwitting your would-be torturers.

With its grim and unsettling atmosphere and imaginative (although not too taxing) brain-teasers, Tormentum is one of our favourite iPad horror games of 2016 (so far, at least). Check out our full Tormentum review.

The School: White Day

There are few worse places to find yourself trapped in overnight than a creepy school filled with bloody terrifying ghosts and ghouls. Sadly that’s exactly what happens in The School: White Day, a remake of a terrifying 2001 PC game that sees you running for your life from those beastly apparitions.

Some of the ghosts you encounter are terrifying enough to give you endless night terrors, and you want to know the really bad news? There aren’t any shotguns or grenades to protect yourself, scattered around the place for no good reason. All you can do is peg it away every time you spot a spectre or that murderous janirot.

With seven endings to see in total, there’s plenty of reason to play this one over and over.

Adam Wolfe

If you like your adventure games with a sinister, mature plot and plenty of blood-letting, Adam Wolfe is a solid choice. This supernatural horror murder mystery sees you tracking down your long-lost sister, while also battling treacherous cultists, demented demons and all manner of beasties.

Luckily Mr Wolfe is no pushover. This ex-detective can hold his own against otherworldly enemies and can even glimpse the past to work out exactly what went down at a murder scene. Some fun action set-pieces break up the sleuthing, and make this a horror adventure well worth checking out.

Check out our full Adam Wolfe review


Although Limbo only has a few moments of sheer terror – such as that moment near the beginning where an angry arachnid pursues you relentlessly – it’s still shocking enough to place in our best horror games list. The haunting monochrome graphics are certainly moody and you’ll feel a pang of guilt every time the protagonist meets a miserable demise.

Indigo Lake

Indigo Lake is a well-polished first person adventure that’s more intelligent than your typical shooter. You’ll have to solve puzzles and carefully explore the sinister environments to make it through the lengthy campaign, and of course there are plenty of gribblies to blast away at. Fun fact: Indigo Lake also contains driving bits that don’t actually suck.

Dead Eyes

This turn-based puzzle horror game is a nice change of pace if you’re tired of running away from or gunning down endless hordes of beasties. The aim of each level is to dodge a number of ravenous zombies and make it to the exit in one piece. You’ll need to make full use of your delicious, moist brains to complete the game, while the bleak, monochrome graphics add to the oppressive atmosphere.

Lost Within

Lost Within may sound like your generic mobile horror game, that sees you searching a run-down asylum while uncovering secrets about its obviously sinister history. However, the developers of PC game Prey have done a bang-up job, coupling an intriguing story with heart-pounding gameplay. Smash your way through enemies using pipes and other makeshift weapons, or simply run for your bloody life. The choice is yours.

Papa Sangre/The Nightjar

With no visuals to guide you through the deadly mazes, you’re relying on audio alone to get to the end in one piece. That lack of sight makes for some truly horrifying moments, as you attempt to evade monsters by standing still and listening to them. The Nightjar gets a special shout-out for featuring everyone’s favourite weirdy-named thesp, Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Our pick of the best horror adventure game on iOS goes to Gabriel Knight. This remastered edition of the original Sins of the Fathers mystery sees egotistical writer Gabe investigating a spate of voodoo murders in New Orleans, as inspiration for his new book. A creepy plot, well crafted characters and one sublime use of the word ‘wanker’ add up to a sinister yet enjoyable adventure.

The Walking Dead

Telltale Games’ horrifying adventure series may essentially be a series of Quicktime events, but it’s still compelling interactive drama that stabs at your heart throughout. Played alone at night, it’s a sure-fire way to defeat any constipation issues.

Last Door: Collector’s Edition

Don’t be put off by the pixelly graphics in the screenshots; Last Door is a creepy and unforgettable experience that forces you to explore increasingly horrifying environments, as you seemingly descend into utter madness. Very atmospheric and very smart horror.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

The sequels may have been churned out even faster than Angry Birds dross, and the series is renowned for being rather unfairly difficult at times, but Five Nights at Freddy’s is still a scary-as-hell iPhone game. Survive until dawn as a mob of nasty-looking mechanical creatures attempt to invade your room and make mincemeat out of your guts.

Resident Evil 4: Platinum

With a heavy lean towards action, Resident Evil 4 was less terrifying than previous entries in the series, but still had plenty of chilling moments: chainsaw bag head guy, El Gigante and of course the horrifying voice acting. On iPad, the Resi 4 experience is still suitably intense.

Year Walk

This point n’ click adventure game features some of the most memorable and terrifying imagery of any iOS game, guaranteed to stick with you for quite some time after you finish playing. We won’t spoil anything here, but if you haven’t done the Year Walk, get right to it.


A low-key horror game that relies a lot on the power of suggestion, not least because of the low-res graphics. The plot of Home sees you waking up in an unfamiliar house with no idea of how you arrived there. From there, things get very sinister indeed.

Her Story

Her Story may not be classed as a horror game (its more of a murder mystery thing), but there are plenty of skin-tingling moments as you unravel the tale and uncover crucial evidence in the case of a murdered husband. Check out our full Her Story review.

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