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Best LG G6 cases and covers: We review the best G6 protectors

Just bought a shiny new LG G6 and want to keep it free of scratches, scuffs and dents? We review the best cases, covers and screen protectors for LG’s new flagship phone, to protect against drop damage and prevent anything from ruining the beautiful design.

The LG G6 is a remarkably designed smartphone, offering an attractive metal build that’s close to bezel-free. As an added bonus, this is one tough handset too. Gorilla Glass surfacing can be found front and back, while the curved screen corners and absorbent metal edges offer further protection.

Of course, if your fingers are of the buttery variety and you want to ensure your LG G6 stays box-fresh, you’ll want to wrap the phone in some sort of case or cover. Which is why we’ve tested and reviewed a selection of the best LG G6 cases and other protective devices that you can buy right now.

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VRS Crystal Bumper for LG G6

If you want to protect the G6 without completely masking its slick design work, you can depend on the VRS Crystal Bumper. This transparent cover encases the G6’s metal frame, protecting it from impact damage. But all the while you can still see that metal surfacing.

Ports except for the SIM slot are exposed so you can fully access them when needed, without removing the case. That includes the fingerprint sensor on the back of course, as this case wouldn’t be much use if you couldn’t turn on your trusty LG G6.

The edges of the Crystal Bumper case stick out a little from the front surface, so your G6’s screen is partially protected if the phone is accidentally dropped. Those volume buttons are also covered, but easily pushed through the soft cover.

Olixar Leather-Style LG G6 Wallet Stand

If you want a slightly classier case, then check out Olixar’s Leather-Style Wallet Stand cover. This may not be real leather but it looks the part, while the front cover wraps across the LG G6’s screen to offer full protection. You get a magnetic clasp to hold the cover shut when the phone isn’t in use.

You get some bonus features with this Olixar case too. For one, it can hold a couple of credit cards or some paper money in the dual slots of the inside cover, in case you want to leave your wallet at home. Second, the cover converts into a media stand quickly and easily, to prop up the G6 for watching HDR movies or shows on that spacious Dolby Vision screen.

The only real problem in our testing is that the fingerprint sensor cutout is a little compact and quite deep, meaning you can only touch your very fingertip to the scanner. Still, this didn’t seem to hamper the unlocking process.

UAG Plasma LG G6 Protective Case

If you’re the outdoor adventure type and want something to really protect your G6, we’d recommend investing in something that can really take some punishment. After all, the G6 might be tough but a quick tumble down a rocky slope will likely reduce it to lumps and dust.

Urban Armour Gear’s Plasma case wraps around the back and sides of your LG G6 and juts out at the front, to help prevent damage display in case the phone is dropped face-down on a flat surface. Those TPU surfaces, a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicon, help to absorb any impact from drops and bumps.

You get full access to all of the mobile’s ports of course (bar the SIM slot), without any compromise to protection. Meanwhile the buttons are covered with a rubbery material, so you can push them just as easily but they’re protected from scuffs and scrapes.

The design of the UAG Plasma case may be love-it-or-hate-it, but there’s no denying its build quality.

Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protection

Olixar’s nifty screen protector for the G6 is one of the easiest to apply that we’ve tested to date. You get everything you need inside the box, including an alcohol wipe, cleaning cloth and handy sticker to remove any dust and grime from your LG G6’s screen before commencing. The thick tempered glass cover can then be pressed down over your display, for a perfect finish.

When we applied the screen protector, we didn’t get a single air bubble or other unsightly aberration. Surely a first.

Take a look at our LG G6 hub for everything you need to know about the G6 smartphone. You can pick up the above cases from MobileFun, for an affordable price.