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Best Horror Games for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows

As massive horror fans, we’ve played and reviewed a massive selection of terrifying apps for iPhones and Android devices. Here’s our pick of the best mobile horror games that you can download and curl up with late at night.

We love horror games here at Recombu HQ, and we especially love hiding under the duvet with a bunch of disturbing, messed up apps on our smartphone. There’s nothing quite as terrifying as a creepy mobile game, especially when played in the dark with headphones on. It’s the kind of situation that adult diapers were made for.

The Google Play store is packed full of scary horror games for your Android phone or tablet, while Apple’s App Store is also dripping with gory, nasty titles for iPhones and iPads, to keep you terrified this Halloween. Here’s our pick of the best and scariest mobile horror games that you can play offline on your phone or tablet in 2017.

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Best iPhone/iPad horror games (2017)

The App Store is packed with terrifying horror games for your iPhone or iPad, from remastered classics such as Resident Evil 4 and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, through to atmospheric original games like Indigo Lake and Forgotten Memories.

All tastes are catered for with these scary horror games. Adventure game fans can get stuck into a complex mystery, puzzle fans have some horror-themed brain teasers to keep them up all night, and action game fans can blast through hordes of zombies and other beasties until the sun comes up.

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Best Android horror games

If you’re an Android user and you love horror, you’re in for a terrifying treat. Plenty of classic Android horror games are still well worth a play, such as The Walking Dead and Dead Space, but we’ve also picked out some new and suitably sinister adventure games including The Last Door and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

This year’s list of top scary horror games also includes a VR title for the first time, the dignity-destroying Dread Halls. As if you didn’t already look like a numpty with a massive helmet strapped to your face, you’ll seem even more ridiculous when you start to scream and cower in the corner of your living room.

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Best Windows Phone horror games

Windows Phone is finally getting a much-deserved boost when it comes to games, with top titles now appearing on Microsoft’s apps store as well as Apple’s App Store and Google Play. For a terrifying session under your duvet, we recommend zombie blasters such as Dead Trigger 2 and Into the Dead, as well as a horrifying outing for the infamous Slender Man.

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Worth an extra bonus mention because it’s absolutely batsh*t: Hoff Zombie Beach

This zombie shoot ‘em up stars none other than David ‘I love burgers’ Hasselhoff, who is tasked with saving our sandy shores from hordes of undead seafarers. If that isn’t mental enough to win a 79p download, then you’re more restrained than us.