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Get your own red iPhone 7 or 7 Plus with these crimson cases

Apple recently launched its Project Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, offering a sleek new design and a charity donation with every purchase. But if you already own the latest iPhone and are lusting after that glorious crimson finish, here’s our pick of the best red cases and covers for Apple’s mobile.

Apple’s all-new red paint job for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus really does look smart, with the added bonus that the Project Red charity is supported with every unit sold. Tempted? You can grab one from O2 right now from just £49 per month.

But of course, if you already have an iPhone stuffed in your pocket or bag, you probably won’t be tempted to stump up a few hundred quid for a new scarlet finish. No worries though. We’ve rounded up a selection of great crimson covers and cases for the iPhone 7 and its bigger Plus brother, which offer solid protection and a fresh new look and feel.

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Olixar X-Trio Full Cover iPhone case

This two-piece plastic case fully wraps around your iPhone 7, giving it the appearance of actually having a red paint job while adding very little thickness. Of course, the Olixar X-Trio case doesn’t offer the best protection in this round-up. It’ll prevent casing scratches, but drop tests will likely prove its undoing. That said, you do get a screen protector included in the box to help protect the display.

VRS Damda Glide for iPhone 7

The Damda Glide cover adds a fair bit of bulk to the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, but also offers some serious protection. The soft inner lining will help to absorb any impact shock, while the tough outer shell should happily prevent any scratches, scuffs and other damage from marring your gorgeous Apple phone. As a bonus feature, a panel on the back also pulls away to offer a hiding place for your credit cards or cash. All with a lovely red paint job.

Otter Symmetry Etui red case for iPhone 7

Otter’s Symmetry Etui case is a binder-style wrap-around cover that offers complete protection for your Apple phone. The iPhone snaps into a solid housing that keeps a tight grip on your precious mobile, while a cover flips over the front to keep the screen scratch-free. There’s no magnetic catch sadly, but the build quality feels sturdy enough.

If you want to kick back with a movie or show, this case can help to prop the phone up. Meanwhile a handy slot on the inside cover can be used to store a credit card or emergency fiver.

Ghostek Atomic 3 extreme case for iPhone 7/7 Plus

If you want some serious protection from your crimson case, the Atomic 3 is a solid choice. This cover is basically an airtight pouch which offers total protection from the elements, including some impressive impact absorption – the case is drop-tested to military standards. You also get IP68 waterproofing, which is only a minor step up from the iPhone 7’s existing IP67 design. Basically, you can submerge the phone in up to 1.2 metres of water, instead of the 1 metre when Apple’s mobile is naked.

The red touches might be rather subtle, stretching only across the aluminium alloy edges, but that’s a good way to add a splash of red to your iPhone’s existing finish. The rear of your handset is visible through the frosted glass backing.

UAG Plasma case for iPhone 7

Like the Ghostek cover above, this Urban Armor Gear case isn’t screwing around. You get a case that’s military standard drop-tested, sporting a funky angular design that’s very different to the sleek curves of Apple’s device.

That combination of soft cushioning and tough plastic adds surprisingly little bulk. Throw in the attractive red hue and we rather like the look and feel of this rugged cover.

Evutec Aergo Ballistic Case for iPhone 7

Stepping away from the super-tough covers, this scarlet case is a simple pop-it-in affair that offers triple-layer protection if you drop your iPhone. That textured red surfacing looks cool and helps with grip. And as the edging juts above the surface of the iPhone’s display, that means the screen is at least partially protected from impact damage.

You can pick up these red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases from MobileFun.

Apple’s iPhone 7, like the one featured in this article, is available from Three, here.