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Best Samsung Galaxy phones you can buy now and coming soon

We pick the best Samsung Galaxy mobile phones that you can buy in 2017, including the greatest upcoming handsets. These are the highest-rated Samsung smartphones that we’ve reviewed across a range of budgets, from the great-value Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) to the mighty flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Samsung is one of the biggest and most famous smartphone manufacturers on the planet, best known for premium mobiles like the Galaxy S8 – as well as the rather unfortunate exploding batteries of the otherwise-excellent Galaxy Note 7. However, Samsung has also launched plenty of great affordable phones too, available at half the price of the S8 and S8 Plus but still offering some excellent features.

Here’s our pick of the best Samsung Galaxy smartphones that you can buy in 2017, plus the best upcoming Samsung mobiles.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Price: £784
Release Date: October 2017
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

‘Greater than the sum of its parts’ is how we summed up the Note 8 in our full review, and when the parts are this damned good, you’re certain to love this super-sized handset.

Despite the whopping 6.3-inch display, the Note 8 remains a pleasure to use. That’s certainly helped along by the edge-to-edge curved screen design, lifted wholesale from the elegant Galaxy S8 (see below). You get premium performance, a gorgeous HDR-ready display and one of the best mobile cameras around, which make it a fantastic smartphone for everyday use. However, add in the brilliant S Pen stylus and suddenly it’s a must-buy for creative users, as well as anyone who wants to stay productive on the move.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Price: £689
Release Date: April 2017
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 review

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung has revealed the next generation of smartphone design. This impeccable handset’s feature-set is arguably the richest and most diverse on the market and yet Samsung hasn’t thrown out what made its last flagships so good; only reworked and refined the great camera experience still on offer from last year’s S7 twins.

At £689 SIM-free and at least £50-a-month on a plan with the lowest upfront cost (£9.99 for a 24-month Vodafone contract from Carphone Warehouse), it’s an unsurprisingly expensive handset. But there’s something special about the S8, enough so that it perhaps justifies its high price tag more readily than Apple or even LG does with their current flagship devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Price: £719
Release Date: April 2017
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus hands-on review

The mighty S8 Plus is one of the biggest phones of all time at a whopping 6.2-inches, yet somehow Samsung has made it a natural fit for the hand. Complete with the same great features, gorgeous design and stunning screen of the standard S8, you can’t really go wrong if you’re after a premium mobile.

Of course all of that comes at a cost, so the S8 Plus is also one of the most pricey handsets around. Worth it though if you really want to turn heads on the train.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Price: £415
Release Date: March 2016
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 review

The Galaxy S7 put right the one major flaw of the Galaxy S6, namely its lack of expandable storage. It packs stuff like a gorgeous Quad HD screen, adds IP68 dust and water resistance, a lower profile camera bump that contains one of the best (if not the best) smartphone snappers on the market and more smart battery technology than you can shake a stick at.

The S7 is a very strong all-rounder and we love the new contoured design, which provides a very comfortable fit in the hand.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Price: £495
Release Date: March 2016
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review

The S7 Edge has undergone a significant price drop thanks to the upcoming arrival of its successor, now coming in at under £500. It’s also bloody gorgeous, with the kind of sexy design that turns heads on the train. It’s a serious chunk bigger than the classic Galaxy S7, however, that mighty 5.5-inch screen is wrapped in an impressively slim and narrow body. Aside from a larger battery the rest of the specs remain the same.

If you want one of the very best mobile phones of 2016 and early 2017, then the S7 Edge is right up there with the likes of the Google Pixel XL.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

Price: £369.99
Release Date: February 2017
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

The 2017 update on the Galaxy A5 consistently hits all the key notes you’d want a device in its class and is closer to the flagship Galaxy S7 than you might expect. It features a beautiful curved glass back, metal frame, great 5.2-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display, IP68 dust and water resistance, a fingerprint sensor and a solid pair of cameras.

It’s only downfall, if you can call this one, is that it’s priced in the same region as the flagship-class OnePlus 3T, but that by no account means that it isn’t worth your consideration.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)

We’re yet to fully review the new Galaxy A3, but in our in-depth hands-on review we discovered that it was yet another great compact phone. You can expect slick design, including a curved glass back and a non-existent camera bump. Plus of course, smooth performance and a pleasingly capable camera for a sub £280 SIM-free price tag.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

Price: £195
Release Date: February 2016
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 review

If you’re too skint to afford Samsung’s biggest and best premium phones, or you simply want a compact handset, check out the 2016 Galaxy A3 instead. This mid-range mobile boasts a metal and glass body reminiscent of the Galaxy S6, a gorgeous and colourful Super AMOLED screen, two-day battery life and a user-friendly experience, all for a shade over £200 SIM-free (or with no upfront cost on pretty much any contract).

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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Price: £245
Release Date: February 2016
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 review

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 is a slightly bigger handset than the Galaxy A3 at 5.2-inches, and a bit more expensive too (although still great value on contract). You don’t just get a bigger screen, however; you can also expect Full HD visuals, a built-in fingerprint sensor and a faster processor, too.

See how the Galaxy A5 2016 stacks up against the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A7 2016 in our in-depth Galaxy A-Series comparison review

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016)

Price: £255
Release Date: Summer 2016
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 review

The Galaxy A7 is Samsung’s biggest A-range phone, although it isn’t quite as massive as the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7. You might not get any iris scanners or a nifty stylus, but the Galaxy A7 2016 is also less than half the cost of the Note, making it a solid choice for anyone who wants a big screen but couldn’t give two hoots about an S Pen.

Great battery life and a gorgeous Full HD screen make it a good choice for staying entertained on the go. As usual, Samsung’s slick design is easy on the eye and you can also depend on the flexible camera tech.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Price: £350
Release Date: October 2014
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review

Although you can still buy the Galaxy Note 5 in the US, Samsung’s big 2015 phablet was never released over here. That means if you want a Note but don’t want to wait for the Note 8, you’ll have to make do with 2014’s Galaxy Note 4.

Still, the Note 4 has aged very well indeed. That 16-megapixel camera is as dependable as ever, capturing sharp, colourful photos, while the 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen and S Pen stylus make for a beautiful partnership. If you’re a creative talent or need a business device to stay productive on the move, the Note 4 will suit you perfectly.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Price: £130
Release Date: November 2015
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) review

At the opposite end of the budget scale to the Galaxy S7 Edge is Samsung’s Galaxy J3 (2016). This cheap-as-chips Android mobile is simply outstanding for the price, offering sharp visuals, great expandability and excellent battery life.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for a cheap contract phone that won’t let you down either.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Price: £370
Release Date: March 2015
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 review

Samsung’s 2015 flagship isn’t still just one of the best Sammy phones you can buy; it was also Recombu’s pick for the best phone of 2015. From the gorgeous Quad HD screen to the highly capable 16-megapixel camera; the slick glass-and-metal design and that silky smooth performance; the Galaxy S6 is still a truly formidable smartphone.

Check out our 2016 Galaxy S6 re-review to see what we thought of the phone after a full year of use.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Price: £420
Release Date: March 2015
Our Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Some critics might say that the S6 Edge is essentially just an S6 with a pointless curvy-edged screen and a higher price tag to boot. And to those critics, we say… sometimes, looks matter.

The S6 Edge might not make the most of that rather unique screen, with very few actual features to justify the curvature. But there’s no denying that the S6 Edge is still one of the most gorgeous Samsung phones around (now surpassed by the S7 Edge, of course), and a great choice if you simply want to show off in the pub.

Best Samsung phones coming soon in 2017

As you can see, you already have a great selection of Samsung phones to pick from in 2017. Still, it’s always worth knowing what’s coming up and here’s our pick of the best Samsung mobiles yet to be launched in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

Still entrenched in rumour town, the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) looks to alleviate some of the shortcomings of 2016’s rendition; namely its stuttery performance and uninspired design, whilst retaining all the elements that worked, like its attractive screen and respectable battery life. Pricing is slated to hit the same £130 mark as the current model.

Head over to our Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) in a nutshell piece for all the details so far.

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Last year’s Galaxy J5 was one of our favourite affordable phones of the year, offering some pretty decent specs and a solid all-round user experience for just £199. Strong battery life, respectable performance, a vibrant screen and dependable camera tech rounded off a solid smartphone package.

Which is why we’re excited about Samsung updating the phone in the form of the fresh new Galaxy J5 2017, set to be launched any day now. Check out our Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) in a nutshell feature for more info.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)

Samsung has already launched a few different versions of its hand-filling mid-priced mobile, the Galaxy J7. At first we had the original Galaxy J7, which was launched early 2016 and aimed at India. Next came the Galaxy J7 Prime, released late last year in Vietnam and now the Galaxy J7 Perx, also called the Galaxy J7 V, which launched in the US in April 2017.

But when will we see a 2017 version of the Galaxy J7 here in the UK? Take a look at our Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) in a nutshell feature for all you need to know.

We’re constantly updating this article with new Samsung Galaxy phone reviews and the latest SIM-free pricing.