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Blackberry DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv: Which Blackberry Android phone is best for me?

We compare Blackberry’s first two Android phones, the DTEK50 and the Priv, with the fresh new Blackberry DTEK60, to see what the difference in specs, features and performance is. Here’s our full DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv comparison review.

Blackberry has just launched its third Android phone, the Blackberry DTEK60, which comes hot on the heels of the DTEK50. But while the DTEK50 was a cheap and cheerful handset sporting slimmed-down specs, the DTEK60 is a premium smartphone boasting new features like a fingerprint sensor and upgraded performance.

But how does the upcoming DTEK60 compare with the DTEK50, in terms of specs, features and asking price? And what’s the difference compared to Blackberry’s first Android phone, last year’s excellent Blackberry Priv? Here’s our full Blackberry DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv comparison review.

Blackberry DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv: Specs at a glance

Phone Blackberry Priv Blackberry DTEK50 Blackberry DTEK60
Screen size 5.4-inch 5.2-inch 5.5-inch
Screen resolution 2560×1440 1920×1080 2560×1440
Weight 192g 130g 165g
Physical keyboard? Yes No No
Fingerprint sensor? No No Yes
Water resistant? No No No
Processor Snapdragon 808 Snapdragon 617 Snapdragon 820
Memory 3GB 3GB 4GB
Storage 32GB 16GB 32GB
MicroSD? Yes Yes Yes
Battery 3410mAh 2610mAh 3000mAh
Rear camera 18MP 13MP 21MP
Front camera 2MP 8MP 8MP

Blackberry DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv: Design and features

Although these Blackberry phones all sport the same brilliant mash-up of Android and BB10 OS, their hardware is vastly different.

For a start, the Priv is the only Blackberry Android blower to sport a physical QWERTY keyboard, tucked away beneath the slide-up screen. That keyboard will certainly appease old-school BB users, but Blackberry’s super-smart virtual board pretty much makes it redundant – check out our full keyboard review for more info.

And one big drawback of that physical keyboard is that it really bulks up the Priv. This beast of a phone weighs almost 200g and is a seriously chunky monkey, compared with the relatively slim and light DTEK50 and DTEK60.

The DTEK60 is the first Blackberry mobile to rock a fingerprint sensor, to save you the time needed to enter a PIN while also keeping your private data safe. Kind of surprising given the company’s focus on security, but better late than never.

Blackberry DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv: Screen and media

Last year’s Blackberry Priv sported a gorgeous Quad HD screen, for supremely crisp visuals. For the DTEK50, Blackberry trimmed this back to a more standard Full HD display, which is still sharp and colourful enough to enjoy your high def movies. But the DTEK60 once again delivers beautiful QUAD HD visuals, absolutely rammed with detail.

All three phones boast a microSD memory card slot, so you can quickly and easily expand the on-board storage up to 2TB. That’s of course plenty of space for your media and apps.

Blackberry DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv: Performance and battery life

For the new DTEK60, Blackberry is slapping in the super-speedy Snapdragon 820 processor, backed up by 4GB of RAM. That should make for a smooth everyday experience, even when multi-tasking with lots of memory-sucking apps.

Last year’s Priv still runs well with the Snapdragon 808 chipset, and while the DTEK50 sports an energy-efficient Snapdragon 617, we haven’t seen any performance issues so far. However, if you want a handset that will do you for the long term, and money isn’t an issue, the DTEK60 is your best bet.

As for battery life, you can happily get a full 24 hours of use from the Priv and the DTEK50 on a single charge. We’re yet to test the DTEK60’s battery life, so here’s hoping it’s at least as strong despite packing a smaller capacity cell than the Priv.

Blackberry DTEK60 vs DTEK50 vs Priv: Cameras

The DTEK60 also boasts some impressive new camera tech. On the back you’ll find a 21-megapixel rear snapper, complete with Phase Detection Autofocus to keep your subject nice and sharp. That’s good news, as the DTEK50’s cameras were merely fine, struggling to impress next to some Android rivals.

That said, the Priv’s 18-megapixel camera still stands up tall, offering dependable performance in almost any conditions on full auto. You can shoot up to 4K UHD resolution video, a feature which should also be available on the DTEK60. However, the Priv also packs a more basic 2-megapixel selfie camera, which means your glamour shots will be seriously lacking in detail.

Update 31/10/2016: We compared the BlackBerry DTEK50 and BlackBerry DTEK60 side by side. Check out the video comparison below. You can also read the full BlackBerry DTEK50 review by clicking here:

Check back soon for our full Blackberry DTEK60 review.