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Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks to rule the league

Our Championship Manager 2017 tips and tricks guide helps you get started with this addictive footy management sim for iPhone and Android mobile devices. Here’s how to pick the best team, choose a winning formation, conquer the transfer market and come top of the league.

It’s time to get addicted all over again, kiddies. Championship Manager is back on our mobile phones (iOS and Android) in the form of Champ Manager 2017, a fantastic time suck just like previous Champ Man games. Check out our full Championship Manager 2017 review.

If you’re struggling to get to grips with Championship Manager 17’s complex system of training, transfers, upgrades and other features, check out our complete guide to becoming a winning manager.

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Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: How to pick the best team to manage

The very first step in Championship Manager 2017 is to name yourself. The Assistant Manager will refer to you by the chosen name in emails, when briefing you about upcoming fixtures and dishing hints on the opposition, so think long and hard. ‘Willy W**ker’ might seem like a funny moniker to start with, but it’ll get old long before you win your first trophy (maybe).

Championship Manager 2017 boasts 25 leagues to choose from, spanning a mighty 15 countries in all. Simply tap the flags to view the different leagues available in each country. We recommend sticking to your home nation as it will make everything more familiar.

Lower-level sides can be selected to manage immediately, whereas the more prestigious clubs (for instance, Premier League clubs) require a coaching badge to lead. This badge can be purchased with real money or earned within the game itself as you successfully manage a lower-league side; the better your performance, the quicker you’ll be able to step up to the big leagues.

Each team comes with an overall rating, which acts as an average score of that team’s players. If you want an easy time, we’d recommend choosing a club that’s just been demoted to the Championship (like Newcastle) or League One (like Charlton), as they tend to be higher rated than other teams in that league.

The board of your chosen club will set you short and long-term objectives once you sign up. If you perform over their expectations, you’ll be rewarded with more money to secure better players. Fail to meet the objectives and you’ll most likely get the sack.

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: Recognise your best team players and how to select a starting eleven

Now that you’re in charge of a squad, it’s time to get to know your players and pick the perfect team. Head to the Team tab by tapping the blue icon in the very top left corner and 

In Championship Manager 2017, players are rated on ability (out of 100) and also given a current performance rating (out of 10), so you can tell at a glance who your star team members are.

However, it’s not quite that simple. The green bar below each player indicates their current fitness level, which will directly affect their game performance. Unfit players are also more likely to be injured, so be sure to swap any tired players out of your squad before a big match.

Meanwhile the arrows represent player morale. A player’s morale will drop the longer he is left out of your first team, so it’s another strong argument for rotating your squad rather than simply sticking with the same starting eleven.

You’ll also occasionally have to swap your first team players around when they get injured. Your Assistant Manager will thankfully inform you when an injured player is healed up, so you can sub them back in.

Don’t forget to select a set player for each of the four specific roles, including captain, free kick taker, corner taker and penalty taker. Each player has a rating out of three for each of these roles and thankfully you can choose the same player for more than one of these roles (and even all of them).

These ratings can be improved in Champ Man’s training section, and although it’s not cheap, we’d recommend having at least two players in your squad maxed out for each of the roles. Injuries happen all of the time, and you’re gonna be stuffed if your captain – who also happens to be your chosen set-piece taker – gets clattered, leaving you with no one to take his place.

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: How to pick a winning formation

With 20 team formations in all to choose from, you might want to do some experimenting to see what works well. Pay attention to how well-drilled your squad is with each formation, as the higher this figure is, the more success you’re likely to have.

You also need to pick a formation that allows you to play your best players, with no gaps in positions. You’ll know if a formation doesn’t suit your current squad if you hit ‘Auto pick’ and some of the player names are highlighted in yellow (playing out of preferred position) or red (playing in an unsuitable position).

Of course, occasionally you’ll need to change your formation thanks to injuries, so try not to rely too heavily on one particular formation. It’s good to have an attacking and a defensive formation that you can swap between depending on your upcoming opponents and who’s available.

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: Best match tactics and preparation

Before each Championship Manager 17 match, you can make changes to your starting line-up and select your preferred formation. From this pre-game screen you can also instantly improve your squad’s training in a set area including shooting, passing and goalkeeping, to give yourself an edge over your rivals. However, this will cost you some serious Champ Man dollars.

After you’ve chosen your starting line-up, you can issue team instructions based on your team’s strengths and the quality of your opposition. Take a close look at your rivals’ line-up and exploit any weaknesses; for instance, a lower-rated left back can be a great excuse for attacking down your right wing, while a squad that’s focused heavily on attack can be taken apart with a high-tempo counter-attack strategy.

Thankfully if your tactics aren’t working out, you can change these settings at any break of play during the match. Just hit ‘pause’ in the bottom right corner and then switch things around when the action stops (the next time the ball goes out of play). If you’re desperately clinging onto a fragile one-goal lead with just minutes to go, try swapping to a heavy defence to see the clock out.

After every game, you’re shown how much extra income your performance has earned you and how much your manager rating has improved. The gold coins and green Champ Man cash can be spent on club development, training methods, hiring staff and a whole lot more (see later in the guide for more info), while your manager rating contributes to your overall rank (which eventually rewards you with a coaching badge).

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: Mission objectives and rewards

Throughout the season you will be set mission objectives by the game, viewable in the Champ Man 2017 home screen. These get progressively harder as you gain experience and progress through the game. Make sure you pay close attention to these objectives, as they reward you with increasing amounts of game cash, which can be used to upgrade your squad and setup.

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: How to train your team and players effectively

In Championship Manager 2017 there are five different training types to choose from; tap the ‘Training’ tab and you’ll have a choice between Chance Creation and Scoring (good if you’re struggling to get any goals), Pressing (handy for counter-attacks), Possesion (a great choice if it always seems to be your opponents in control of each game) and RearGuard Defending (the best choice if you seem to lose a lot of games 2-3 or 3-4).

You can only select one training type at a time, so make sure you vary the training activity throughout the season so your team strengthens in multiple areas. Double training is an effective an free-to-use feature that you should activate every time you play, although it only lasts for a limited time. This greatly improves your players’ abilities until it expires, so don’t forget about it!

Select the Player Training tab to view the specific abilities of each individual player in your team. You can make improvements to these attributes in exchange for gold coins by tapping the + buttons, or using the slider in the top-right corner to boost all of the player’s abilities (not recommended; after all, why train a striker to be a good goalkeeper?).

Player Training is a more cost-effective way of improving your squad without having to fork out for an expensive signing on the transfer market. However, it is a bit of a balancing act. After all, you also need to spend cash to improve the whole team’s strength as well as hire new staff.

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: Which staff should I hire?

You can use your Champ Manager in-game currency to hire new staff members by heading to the Upgrades tab, then tapping Staff.

The Fitness Coach, Strength Coach, Sprint Coach, Attack Coach, Midfield Coach, Defence Coach and Goalkeeping Coach are all pretty obvious. These coaches help to train your team in a very specific area, which can be very useful if you’re weak in one department.

The Marketing Advisor will improve the club’s reputation, to entice better players to come and play for you. This is handy if you’ve got lots of cash to spare on strengthening your squad, but none of your transfer requests seem to pan out. It’s also a good way to get players to come to you for less weekly wages.

Commercial Advisors can generate more revenue for your club with zero effort, handy if you’re always out of cash and want more money to spend on facilities, staff and the rest.

Chief Scouts provide you with a list of available players who might help to boost your current squad. This is a good way of discovering new players that you might otherwise miss.

Finally, the Psychologist can help to improve the morale of your players, which is only really useful if you don’t rotate them often.

You can choose exactly how long you want to hire each staff member for and their quality level too (which directly governs their effectiveness). Of course this makes for another balancing act; do you go for lots of short-term, lesser benefits for not much money, or do you save up instead and splash out on better staff, which will have a much bigger impact over a longer period? The latter is recommended, but it’s not always feasible when you’re starting out.

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: How to use the upgrades

You can also use your Champ Manager money to improve your club facilities, which gives you a wide range of benefits.

Pay particularly close attention to your Assistant Manager’s mission objectives, as some require you to upgrade your club’s facilities, giving you a cash boost for improving your setup. This also helps your reputation to grow and increases your chances of managerial success.

Specific coaching drills can also be purchased with gold coins. Drills give your players a temporary boost in the selected area for a set number of matches. These are particularly useful before derby games, difficult match-ups and cup finals to help give your team that extra edge.

Championship Manager 2017 (iOS/Android) tips and tricks: How to transfer players to and from your club and attract the best possible players

When checking out the transfer market, make sure you search for players using the advanced filters. This can really make the difference between picking up an established journeyman midfielder and discovering a potential great for the next few seasons.

Champ Man 17 contains thousands of real-life players who you can bid on, with up-to-date stats – so a knowledge of footy really does help. Transfer-listed players will be available for their asking price, while those not on the list often require bids well above and beyond their given value.

There are several factors to look at when choosing which players to bid on. Don’t just look at their overall rating; be sure to check out their individual stats and see if they’ll slip into your current formation well. Flexible players who can work a number of different positions are valuable if you’re prone to picking up injuries. And also check out their age, if you’re looking for a long-term investment.

Another key stat is the player’s current form. This is where you can see how they’ve performed in the last few games, which shows clearly if they’re in a bit of a slump.

Once your bid is accepted, you can negotiate that players wages. Be careful not to buy a player you can’t afford to pay – your remaining weekly budget is made clear at the contract offer stage, so you shouldn’t shoot over.

If you’re struggling to attract the players you want to come to your club, try hiring a Marketing Advisor by eading to the Upgrades tab and then the Staff tab. A Marketing Advisor will boost your club’s reputation by up to 121 percent, which could sway top players to accept your offer.

Got your own Championship Manager 2017 tips, tricks, cheats or hacks? Let us know in the comments below.