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Clash of Kings Guide: How to join or create an alliance and what are the benefits?

The first part of our Clash of Kings tips and tricks guide explains how new players can join an alliance with other Clash of Kings fans, which brings all kinds of in-game benefits and makes winning much easier. We also take a look at creating your own alliance.

Why should I join an alliance in Clash of Kings?

Joining an alliance is a seriously good idea, especially when you’re just starting out in Clash of Kings. Alliances offer you all sorts of benefits, including stronger defence against enemies, faster development and resource protection.

How do I join an alliance in Clash of Kings?

At the bottom of the Clash of Kings game interface, you’ll notice a button marked ‘Alliance’. Tap this and you’ll be presented with a list of all available alliances in the Clash of Kings universe. Have a browse to find an alliance that suits you, speaks the same language and so on. You can then ask to join up and start enjoying the benefits as soon as you’re accepted.

Make sure to immediately teleport your castle to wherever the rest of your Alliance is located, to enjoy the benefits of extra protection.

What benefits can I enjoy after joining an alliance in Clash of Kings?

At the early stages of the game, new players may find it difficult to grow their kingdom as other Clash of Kings players plunder their resources. Joining an alliance gives you access to an Alliance Storage Depot, which provides strong defence and keeps your gathered resources safe.

You might be struggling to upgrade your buildings or train up your troops too, and once again your alliance can help out. Just tap the Alliance Help button at the top of a building page, and other members can get involved to reduce the time needed.

The Alliance Store is also a handy benefit, giving you access to speedup bonuses, resources and all manner of handy items. You can trade Honor points for each item in the store.

How do I create my own Clash of Kings alliance?

If you’re the proud owner of a level six castle, then you can create your very own alliance in Clash of Kings for free. It’s also possible to create an alliance with a level four or five castle, but it will cost you gold. Remember to quit any current alliance before forming your own.

Bear in mind that if you want to run a successful alliance, you’ll need to be patient, decisive, tactical and spend a lot of time in the game. It’s a serious commitment that won’t suit every player. Make sure to choose an attractive name and banner, so people can find you and join up, and remember that research is a key factor to building a strong alliance.