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Disney Magic Kingdoms: Tips and tricks to build an awesome park

Our Disney Magic Kingdoms game guide offers the best tips and tricks for building your park, collecting gems and magic, unlocking and upgrading the Disney characters and keeping your visitors happy. Plus we reveal news on Disney’s Magic Kingdoms updates and special events, including the arrival of Belle and the Beast in 2017.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: Instructions and the aim of the game

The objective of Disney Magic Kingdoms is to build up your own version of a Disney theme park, clearing away Maleficent’s evil influence using ‘magic’ in order to expand. At the same time you’ll be unlocking Disney characters to populate your park and entertain your visitors. You also need to make sure your customers are content – after all, this is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, right?

Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to earn lots of magic quickly

The key to unlocking new areas of your Magic Kingdom is magic; with magic you can wash away Maleficent’s evil clouds of smoky stuff, giving you a clean area to build on.

The easiest way to gather magic is to complete character quests. To do this, either tap the Quests button on the left side of the screen or tap directly on your Disney characters. All available quests will be shown, but be warned that some of them take a lot of time to complete. During that time your character will be unavailable to entertain customers, but it’s worth starting a new quest as soon as you finish the old one, to build up as much magic, XP and collectibles (used to build new attractions and park furniture) as possible.

Top tip for boosting magic levels quickly: Tap the ‘Social’ icon in the bottom left corner to visit one of your Facebook friends’ parks. You can then tap on the Disney characters in that park to get extra magic.

Building attractions and concession stands is another stress-free way to earn magic. Each ride/stand generates magic after a set period (tap the ? icon in the top left corner to see how long this is), so you’ll need to regularly sweep your park and tap one each one to collect the magic. Don’t forget to do this, as your ride won’t generate any fresh magic until you collect the old stuff.

Also, don’t waste your time building decorative stuff like plants, as they don’t give you anything. Occasionally you’ll be forced to in order to progress in the game, but they should be avoided otherwise.

Another top tip for boosting magic levels quickly: When you start a parade, your rides and concession stands will for some reason generate magic even faster, while quests give you bonus magic. Just tap on the parade stand near the castle to kick one off. Don’t forget to tap the float when it comes to rest, to collect some bonus rewards. Note that your Happy Meter needs to hit a certain level for parades to be available.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to unlock new Disney characters and upgrade them

Head to the characters menu by tapping the button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Characters that are available to unlock will be obviously highlighted; characters that can’t be unlocked will still be shaded.

To unlock a character, you’ll need to collect all of the necessary items which are listed when you tap on them. Any that you already have will be marked with a tick. To find the rest, just tap on each requirement individually and you’ll be told which quest (or quests) needs to be completed first. Occasionally you’ll need to finish other quests first, before you can complete the necessary missions.

When you have all of the required materials, you can head back to the character screen and unlock them. They will then be available to complete quests and entertain your customers. Don’t forget to upgrade them too, to open up even more quests – you’ll need to collect XP to do this. Completing quests gives you XP, while rides and stands also generate some for free.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: Special events

Occasionally Disney Magic Kingdoms throws up a special event, usually based on one of the movies. For instance, from March 9, 2017, Disney introduced the Beauty and the Beast special event, which lasts for 25 days.

Click the blue box with the clock on the main Magic Kingdoms screen and you’ll see up-to-date information on the current and upcoming special events. You’ll have access to new characters, special missions which must be completed to progress through the event and so on.

Event missions will be marked blue and remember, these only stick around for a set time, so you’ll need to be quick and send characters on them straight away to unlock the bonus characters. In the case of Beauty and the Beast, you need to free trapped birds from vine cages to get your hands on Cogsworth, Lumiere and the rest of the gang. You’ll also get special buildings like Gaston’s tavern.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to earn more gems quickly

You earn lots of gems by levelling up your Disney cast in the characters menu. Check out the section above for more info on upgrading your characters.

Top tip for earning bonus gems: You can quickly and easily earn some extra gems by kicking off a parade, accomplished by tapping on the parade tent next to the Disney castle.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to keep your visitors happy

The key to boosting your happiness level in Disney Magic Kingdoms, indicated by the Happy Meter at the top of the screen, is fulfilling the wishes of your visitors. You’ll notice that some customers have a thought bubble over their head; just give this a tap and they’ll rush off to make their dreams become reality.

Wishes vary, but could be anything from riding one of your attractions to meeting one of the Disney characters. Of course, if a character is busy with a quest, then you’ll need to wait until they finish before that wish can be fulfilled.

When the wish is fulfilled, a smiley face will drop. Tap it to boost your Happy Meter.

What’s the point of boosting the Happy Meter? Well, the happier your visitors are, the bigger the crowds you’ll attract to your park. You also get bonus XP and magic from your attractions and stands. Nice.

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