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Final Fantasy XV A New Empire (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks: Strategies for ruling the Empire

Need help with Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, a new strategy game for iPhone and Android mobiles? Here’s our full tips and tricks strategy guide to help you build your base, get the most from your guild, grow your army and be victorious in battle.

How to get started with Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

When you first begin A New Empire, you’ll already have the beginnings of a city. This includes your Citadel, which is the beating heart of your civilisation. You’ll also have a few other buildings and a basic wall to protect you from attack.

Your first task will be to grow this city. You can do so by following the Empire Quests, which pop up in a little window near the bottom of the interface (when you’re on the city map). You can also tap the ‘quests’ tab at the very bottom of the screen to get stuck in. At the beginning of the game, pretty much every quest will simply involve building structures and upgrading them, to help you grow your resources and army.

Note that you can tap on the Empire Quest window to zoom straight to the appropriate area, when applicable. For instance, if your next mission involves upgrading a building, a quick poke will pan to that building.

Don’t forget to collect your rewards after you complete a quest! You can do so by heading to the quests tab and tapping on each separate section, before hitting ‘collect’ on any finished missions.

You should also join a guild as soon as possible, as going solo in Final Fantasy XV is really not a solid plan.

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How to join a guild and what are guilds good for?

At the bottom of the Final Fantasy XV interface you’ll spy a ‘guild’ tab. Poke this and you’ll be able to join a group of other players, to help each other out and increase your overall chances of doing well.

You have a choice of guilds to sign up for, with each guild maxing out at 100 players (at least they do at launch). You can see a guild’s current standing in its stats, although any new guild will of course be low-level. They seem to fill up fast, although there are always fresh ones popping up.

Joining a guild is a great way to get loads of freebies, including resources and cash, which can really help out – particularly at the start of the game. Note that the quality of these handouts improves as time goes by and your ‘gift level’ increases.

If your guild tab has a present symbol on it (a box wrapped in pretty red ribbon), this means you have gifts ready to claim. Be aware that these gifts expire after 24 hours, so don’t dawdle. Tap the guild tab and then tap the gift icon beneath your clan logo. This shows you all of the goodies you can grab.

You’ll get fresh gifts regularly, as long as the only members are active.

Guild members can help to speed up your building process, when performing upgrades and the rest. They can also help each other out by sharing resources, as long as they have a trading post. They can reinforce each other’s bases in case of attack, to prevent destruction and resource robbery – providing you have an Embassy to house them. They can even wage war against other guilds, for a greater chance of victory.

Of course, guilds are also a social part of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. You can chat with other members in the ‘guild comments’ section, to plot and scheme (or just talk about last night’s Twin Peaks episode).

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What is the VIP status?

After an hour or so of gameplay, you’ll get the chance to become a VIP player. This crops up in your Empire quests, when you’ve grown your citadel to a certain level.

Becoming a VIP gives you all kinds of benefits. For instance, your construction waiting times will be shortened, resource production will go up and you get bonus experience to help you level up faster.

Note that activating your VIP status will only give you these benefits for a limited time. You have a limited number of VIP boosts, so use them wisely. You can accrue more VIP points by completing quests, defeating monsters and basically playing the game.

Note that activating your VIP status opens up special VIP quests, so be sure to jump on those straight away.

How to change your name and your empire’s name in Final Fantasy XV

If you want to change your name from whatever exciting default moniker you were handed (‘Empire’ followed by a bunch of numbers), you can do so by heading to the Items section and tapping the ‘change player name’ option. Note that this costs 15k silver ‘loyalty’ coins, which you earn by helping out in your guild.

You can also tweak your empire’s name, profile image and plenty more from this menu. All of which costs moolah.

Combat in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Before you even think about waging war, you’ll want to amass a worthy army. To start with, you’ll need a barracks to house your troops and a training ground to build them into proper warriors. Training takes time, so be sure to always have some kind of training regime on the go at any given time. You can also train more troops at once by upgrading your barracks, so that’s definitely a worthwhile pursuit.

Don’t forget, warfare isn’t just about brawn. It’s also about brains. Hit your university and research combat techniques and defense methods, to improve your chances of victory.

When in battle, remember that specific troop types are more effective against others. For instance:

  • Warriors have an advantage against cavalry
  • Cavalry has an advantage over mages
  • Mages have an advantage against warriors
  • Siege engines are great against wall traps, yet weak against mobile infantry

If you’re struggling in combat, don’t forget that you have boosts which can turn the battle in your favour. For instance, you can increase your troops’ attack or hit points, bump up your maximum March size and so on. These boosts can also be used to prevent enemy attack, or persuade them that attacking isn’t a good idea.

Miscellaneous tips and tricks for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Every so often you’ll spy a bouncing, glowing chest in the bottom left corner of the main screen, whenever you’re viewing your city. This is known as ‘Luna’s Gift’. Tap this to open a ‘secret gift’, such as resources, cash and other handy bits. This secret gift replenishes often (you’ll see a countdown timer if it’s not currently active), so check back regularly to receive more bonus items.

Don’t forget to research as much as possible using your university! This can give you essential boosts in combat, economics and defense. Just tap your university and choose a category, then hit ‘research’. This will take time, so keep an eye on that timer bar near the top of the main screen.

Need more help? Tap the ‘more’ tab at the bottom of the screen and then poke ‘how to play’. This gives all kinds of tips and tricks on how to play Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire.