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Did Google just fix the Pixel C’s biggest issues?

It might be time to update your Pixel C, as it looks like Google has finally addressed the tablet’s biggest flaws.

If you glance back at our review of Google’s super tablet, the Pixel C, you’ll notice that it didn’t blow us away. The minimalist slate was a blend of top-notch hardware and design, marred by unacceptably bug-ridden software that manifested in patchy, unreliable performance and severe usability issues. These problems however, may have just been fixed.

Google Pixel C update screen

During a recent AMA the team behind the Pixel C promised to fix its performance issues in subsequent updates. A firmware upgrade then appeared on February 4th that appears to be the remedy we were waiting for.

Once your C is running the new MXB48T build, you should notice an immediate improvement in touchscreen performance. No longer should you have to hard press or repeat press to have touch inputs register. Swiping around is as fluid as you’d expect for a premium tablet and the user experience as a whole shows almost no lag, where it was once abundant.

The other key component of the update concerns the Pixel C’s hardware keyboard. If you suffered from frequent connectivity issues when using the tablet/keyboard pairing before, after a small additional update things should run a lot more smoothly.

On connecting the keyboard to the Pixel C the tablet will prompt you to download a new keyboard-centric firmware updater which once-installed seems to give the connection renewed reliability.

We always knew the Pixel C was a good tablet at its core and whilst it’s inexcusable to have launched the device with the software in the state that it was in, this latest update finally transforms the experience from painful to pleasurable.

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