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Here WeGo app review: The best Android map app yet?

Here WeGo is a new maps app for Android from the creator of Here Maps, offering slick integrated public transport information, route navigation and information on your surroundings – plus a briliant built-in feature for drunks. Here’s our review of the Here WeGo beta app.

Fans of Windows Phone will get a nostalgic glow deep inside the first time they load up the Here WeGo app. The style of this new mapping app is similar to the Here maps found on the old Lumia phones, while some of the features such as offline maps and satnav-style directions are also very familiar. However, Here WeGo also packs in pretty much every feature you’d need or expect from a mapping app, even in this beta version, making it a delightful alternative to Apple and Google Maps.

One of my personal favourite features is the ‘Go Home’ shortcut, which can be plonked on your desktop as well as the standard Here WeGo app shortcut. Tap this after you stagger out of the local public house at closing time and you’ll get immediate directions on how to get home safe, via public transport. Routes suggested are always sensible and any delays and other issues are clearly signposted, so you know if you’re gonna end up sat at a station waiting for a train that probably won’t turn up.

Planning a journey using Here WeGo’s satnav function is as simple as you’d expect. You can just input a destination, select your preferred route and off you go, although you can also set more in-depth preferences too, such as avoiding toll roads and damned dirty unpaved surfaces that might bugger your suspension.

Driving directions are clear and concise, while Here WeGo also offers a couple of cool features that you don’t get in some other standard satnav apps. For instance, if your destination is difficult to park at, you can have the app direct you to a parking spot that’s close by instead, then switch to walking directions.

And if you’re a bit of a jet-setter, Here WeGo has you covered. The app will give you voice-guided navigation, whether you’re driving or just pounding the pavements, in over 130 different countries. And that’ll work even without an internet connection, if you download the apps ahead of time. You’ll only need to be connected for the live traffic info, which is available in 55 of those countries.

A complete download of all of Here WeGo’s maps will take a mighty 10GB of space on your phone or memory card, but thankfully you can break this down into individual continents or countries, to avoid killing your storage.

Future Here WeGo updates promised include in-app taxi hailing, something that Apple is just bringing to its own Maps app in iOS 10. For now however you can at least see nearby taxi ranks as well as car parks, car hire shops, food joints, cashpoints and so on. And there’s also Car2Go integration for your car sharing needs.

Check out Here WeGo right now by downloading it from the Google Play store for your Android phone.