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How to copy music to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from PC/Mac

Just bought Samsung’s mighty Galaxy Note 7 phone and wish to copy music onto the mobile’s internal storage or microSD memory card, to enjoy on the move? Here’s how to transfer your tracks and other files to your Note 7 phone from a Mac computer, Windows PC or iTunes.

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How to copy music from Mac OS to the Galaxy Note 7

If you haven’t previously copied files between your Mac and the Galaxy Note 7 – or any other Android phone for that matter – then your first step will be to download Android File Transfer from the web. This Mac OS app is free to grab from Google’s Android website, and the easiest way to drag and drop files to or from the Note 7.

As soon as Android File Transfer is installed on your Mac, take the Type-C USB cable that came with your Note 7 and plug the phone into your Mac. Make sure the Note 7 is turned on and unlocked.

Android File Transfer should automatically start up, but the app will complain that it ‘can’t access device storage’. Check out the Note 7 and it should be displaying an ‘Allow access to device data’ message. Tap Allow and then click Okay on the Android File Transfer message. With any luck, the app should now bring up a window, listing all of the directories on the Note 7.

If the app doesn’t load up automatically, try going to your Mac’s Launchpad or the Applications folder in Finder to locate and manually open it.

In that directory list, look for the Music folder and give it a double click. From here, all you have to do is drag and drop your music files from your Mac into the Android File Transfer window, and they’ll automatically be copied across to your Galaxy Note 7.

How to copy music from a Windows PC or laptop to the Galaxy Note 7

Unlike copying music from a Mac, you don’t need any additional software to transfer your tunes from your Windows laptop or PC to your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

All you need to do to shift your albums over is connect your Note 7 to your PC using the Type-C USB cable that Samsung bundled with your phone and then open a Windows Explorer window. In case you don’t know, you can do this by hitting the Windows key and ‘E’ on your keyboard at the same time.

In the Explorer window, click on ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’ depending on the version of Windows you’re using. Now look for the ‘Devices and Drives’ bit, which is where your Note 7 phone should appear.

If for some reason the Note 7 doesn’t appear in that Explorer window, make sure that the phone is switched on and unlocked. You’ll also need to make sure that it’s connected as a media device. You can double check this by swiping down the Note 7’s notifications panel – one of the notifications should describe the connection type. Just give it a tap to change.

Double-click on the Note 7 in the Explorer window and you’ll see a directory listing appear. Look for a folder called Music and then simply drag and drop your music files from your PC or laptop into that folder. Your tunes will be copied to your Note 7.

How to copy music from iTunes to the Galaxy Note 7

If you want to copy your iTunes music library to your Note 7 handset from your Mac or Windows PC, you can still use the drag and drop methods detailed above. Of course, first you’ll need to actually download your purchased tracks to your computer from Apple’s store.

Alternatively, you can download and install Samsung’s Smart Switch software onto your Mac computer or Windows PC. This allows you to transfer content such as music directly from your iTunes account to your Note 7 mobile.

How to copy music to the Galaxy Note 7’s MicroSD card

If you’re having trouble with any of the above methods of music transfer, there’s another way to copy your tracks to your new Note 7. You see, the Note 7 supports microSD memory cards, so all you need to do is load up a microSD card with your favourite albums and then stick it in the phone. The tracks should then pop up in the Note 7’s music player when opened.

To use this method, you’ll either need a microSD slot on your computer, or you’ll need to buy yourself a microSD to USB adapter. You can get adapters and microSD memory cards pretty cheap on Amazon these days, thankfully.

Insert the microSD card or the adapter into your computer and a window should automatically open up. If this doesn’t happen, manually open a Finder window on Mac OS or an Explorer window on Windows 10 and search for the memory card as you would any other USB storage device or flash drive.

Then it’s simply a matter of finding your music files on your computer and copying them onto your microSD card in that new window. Once the copying process is complete, safely eject your microSD card from your Mac or PC and slip it into the Note 7’s microSD memory card slot (found on the SIM tray, up top). Job done!

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