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How to copy your save game data from your old phone to your new mobile

Moving to a new Android phone but don’t want to lose your game progress for all of your mobile games? Here’s how to copy or transfer your save game data from one phone to another, so you can pick up exactly where you left off.

One of the most irritating parts of switching phones is losing all of your old stuff. Thankfully most phone migration apps these days will copy over your messages and other important bits, but your save game data is another matter. If you don’t want to lose your progress in every mobile game you’re playing, you’ll need to follow these steps in order to transfer your save game data to your new phone.

This method only works for Android devices, and will cost a couple of quid to successfully pull off. If you’re moving to a new iPhone, then the bad news is that this guide won’t work. Sorry!

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How to transfer your save game data from your old phone to your new phone using Helium

Step one: Download Helium onto your computer and both phones

First off, download Helium to your Windows, Mac or Linux computer – this nifty bit of software allows you to easily transfer files between Android devices. Windows users will need to install device-specific drivers and restart their computer before proceeding.

Next up, download and install the Helium app from Google Play on your old and new phones. The Helium app is free to download, but you’ll need to pay $5 (just over three quid) for the premium version, which allows you to temporarily store data in your Dropbox or Box account. If you don’t already have an account with Dropbox or Box, you can sign up for one for free.

Note that you’ll also need your chosen game(s) installed on your new phone before you can transfer your game data across.

Step two: Connect your old and new phone to your computer

Connect your old phone to your computer via USB and open up Helium on your phone and computer. This should pair the two and create a secure connection for transferring data. You should see a green tick on your computer’s Helium window if all goes well.

Now you need to repeat the process with your second phone and wait for the green tick verification. With this done, you can start transferring data between the two phones. 

Step three: Copy save game data from your old phone to the cloud

Plug your original device back into the computer and open the Helium app. Over in the left-hand column, you’ll see a list of apps that are installed on your phone. Scroll down until you see your game listed and then select it.

You’ll then be given the option of manually backing up the app’s data to your phone’s internal storage, scheduling a backup or adding the game data to a cloud storage account. Helium supports data transfers via both Dropbox and Box, and this is the most hassle-free method of transferring your save game files to your new mobile. Just enter your account details when prompted and Helium will alert you when the save game files have been transferred.

Step four: Copy save game data from the cloud to your new phone

Now unplug your old phone, plug in your new one and open Helium on the handset. Once again, you’ll need to go through the process of verifying your phone – make sure that USB Debugging is turned on and accept the computer’s RSA fingerprint

Tap on the Restore and Sync tab over on the right side, then open the cloud folder you saved your game data to. You shold see the game’s icon sat there. Just give this a tap and then wait for the transfer to complete.

Open up your game on your new phone and if all has gone well, you’ll have your old game progress reinstated, so you don’t need to start all over.