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How to transfer music to your Motorola Moto G

If you’ve got yourself a spangly new Motorola Moto G smartphone, here’s how to copy over your favourite music from your PC or Mac.

Copying music from your Mac to your Moto G

For a simple drag-and-drop method of transferring your music, you can download the Android File Transfer app from the App Store. With this installed, simply unlock your Moto G phone and Android FIle Transfer should pop up automatically; if it doesn’t, open Launchpad and launch it manually.

If you’re still struggling to find a connection, you may need to pull down your phone’s notification tab and change your USB options (for example, your phone may be ‘connected as a camera’). Just tap the USB notification, then select Media Device (MTP).

The Android File Transfer window simply shows a list of the folders on your phone. All you need to do is double-click the ‘music’ folder and you’ll see all of the tracks currently on your phone – which as we haven’t copied any over yet, should be empty.

Now just browse to the folder on your Mac where you keep your music and drag and drop any music you wish to copy onto the Android File Transfer window. It will then be transferred over, ready for your listening pleasure.

Copying music from your PC to your Moto G

If you have a Windows PC, you can drag-and-drop your music onto your phone with Windows Explorer.

First, connect your Moto G mobile to your PC with a USB cable. Next, open up Windows Explorer on your PC. If you’re in Windows 8, find the ‘File Explorer’ icon under ‘Windows System’ and click it. If you’re in an earlier version of Windows, just hit the Windows key and E at the same time.

In Windows Explorer, look to the left-hand column. Under the ‘This PC’ banner you should see a small phone icon; ours was confusingly labelled ‘XT1032’, and yours may be called similar, but trust us, that’s your Moto G. Click on that, and then double-click  the ‘Internal Storage’ icon that appears in the main window.

Browse to the Music folder and double-click it. This is where you need to copy your music files to, so they’ll show up on your phone.

Now, open another Explorer window using Windows key and E, then browse to the folder where your music is stored. Ideally, this should be in the Music folder under the This PC banner, just above your phone icon.

When you have both windows open to where you need, simply click on the songs you want to copy across and drag them onto the phone’s music folder. They will then be transferred.