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Huawei P10 vs the world: We compare the P10 with the Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and other brilliant Androids

Huawei P10 vs the world: How does the shiny new P10 compare to the Galaxy S7, Google’s Pixel phone, Sony’s Xperia XZ and other big Android handsets? We’ve gone hands-on for these P10 comparisons.

Huawei’s P10 flagship phone has been officially unveiled at MWC 2017 (alongside a bigger P10 Plus model) and it’s easily one of the most exciting mobiles launched in Barcelona. Packing supreme performance, Huawei’s super-smart dual-lens camera and some premium specs, the P10 looks to be a hot-blooded rival to any other Android smartphone out there.

To prove that argument, here’s our mobile comparisons between the Huawei P10 and our favourite flagship phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, Google’s Pixel phone, the OnePlus 3T and even Huawei’s previous flagship handset from 2016 – the Huawei P9.

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Huawei P10 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is already a year old, but it’s still one of the best mobile phones you can buy right now. The glass and metal design is gorgeous (and water resistant), the Quad HD screen is beautifully crisp and colourful and you get some serious performance thanks to Samsung’s own Exynos chipset.

But one of the S7’s best features is that f/1.7 12-megapixel snapper on the back. This allows you to capture gorgeous photos or 4K resolution video in almost any conditions.

However, the P10 can match or even better the S7 on most counts. Design-wise you get a stronger choice of finishes, including sand-blasted Matt surfacing, ‘dazzling’ precision-engineered textured backing or even a glossy ceramic model. And we really love that green model.

Performance is provided by the stronger Kirin 960 chipset, which is more powerful than the S7’s Exynos processor. And although the P10’s Full HD screen isn’t as sharp, it can still accurately reproduces images so they’re truly stunning.

As for the camera tech, the P10 boasts a dual-lens Leica camera which we’re yet to fully test. The S7 sports a brilliant 12-megapixel snapper that’s particularly stunning in low light. Check out our full S7 camera review to see why it’s one of the best mobile shooters around.

Read our full Huawei P10 vs Galaxy S7 comparison review for our in-depth side-by-side review.

Huawei P10 vs Google Pixel phone

The P10 and Google Pixel phone are both pleasingly compact which makes one-handed use a breeze. Plus the P10 boasts some nifty one-handed modes, if you’re somehow still struggling. We like the Pixel Phone’s half-and-half design, but the P10 comes in a greater range of colours and finishes, including glossy ceramic and the textured ‘Dazzling’ model.

Neither the P10 nor the Pixel are water resistant but they can survive some harsh weather at least. And they both support fingerprint security.

Performance isn’t a problem, with Huawei’s Kirin 960 crammed into the P10 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 packed inside the Pixel. You get 64GB of storage in the P10 and up to 128GB on the Pixel, but only Huawei’s phone supports microSD memory cards.

As for the camera tech, the Pixel boasts one of the best cameras of any smartphone right now, as you’ll see in our in-depth Pixel camera review. The P10’s dual-lens snapper is going to have to be pretty damn good to rival it, but so far they seem well matched.

Check out our in-depth P10 vs Pixel comparison video below.

Huawei P10 vs OnePlus 3T

The Huawei P10 is a lot more compact and easier to handle than the OnePlus 3T, which is a bit of a beast at 5.5-inches. We also prefer the P10’s many vibrant designs, compared with the rather austere OnePlus handset.

However, the OnePlus 3T does boast even better performance thanks to its Snapdragon 821 chipset backed by a mighty 6GB of RAM. You can get up to 128GB of storage compared with the 64GB of the P10 – but only Huaewi’s phone supports microSD expansion.

The OnePlus 3T’s AMOLED screen is more spacious but like the P10 sports a Full HD resolution. Visuals boast more punchy colours, although the P10 appears to enjoy stronger contrast levels and can accurately reproduce images.

We’re happy enough with the OnePlus 3T’s 16-megapixel camera, which can capture detailed photos in all but seriously low light conditions. You can shoot up to 4K video, as you can on the P10, with image stabilisation present on both phones to cut down on judder. Around the front, the OnePlus’ 16-megapixel camera is a beast, while the P10’s 8-megapixel shooter is also great for capturing group photos.

OnePlus’ Dash Charge tech is still a winner, powering the phone to 50 percent in less than 30 minutes. The P10 is a fast charger too though and gives over a day of heavy use per charge, while the OnePlus 3T just about makes it through the day with the same near-constant operation.

Check out our Huawei P10 vs OnePlus 3T video comparison below.

Huawei P10 vs Sony Xperia XZ

Sony’s Xperia XZ might only rock a slightly larger screen (5.2-inches compared with the 5.1-inch P10) but the design is more rectangular, so the P10 feels nicer in the hand. Sony’s Alkeleido surfacing scratches up rather easily too, unlike the tough metal or ceramic finish of Huawei’s flagship. However, Sony’s phone is also water resistant, unlike the Huawei P10.

Both phones boast a Full HD screen with strong contrast and accurate colour reproduction, although Sony’s panel can be made more vibrant with the Super Vivid mode. You get expandable storage on both to carry your media collection around, although only the XZ supports Hi-Res audio and allows PS4 game streaming.

Performance is just as strong on both phones, although the Snapdragon 820 doesn’t benchmark quite as highly as Huawei’s Kirin 960 chipset. The P10 seems to enjoy slightly longer battery life and can be charged a bit quicker too.

As for the camera tech, Sony’s tri-sensor camera operates better in low light, but the P10 offers some gorgeous bokeh thanks to its dual-lens setup. Both phones can record up to 4K footage and shoot plenty of detail in good light.

Huawei P10 vs Huawei P9

Last year’s Huawei P9 flagship phone boasts a very similar design, proving just as compact and easy-to-use as the P10. The 2017 update has more colour options and that ceramic model to choose between however.

Inside, the P10’s specs have been boosted compared with the older P9. You get the new Kirin 960 processor instead of the old Kirin 955, which offers improved performance. However, the P9 is still pleasingly nippy after almost a year, so there’s no need to upgrade on that front. Both phones offer Android Nougat thanks to the P9’s update, which also delivers the same great EMUI 5 overlay.

And while you get an updated camera with some cool new features on the P10, last year’s P9 still boasts a strong dual-lens snapper. The two 12-megapixel lenses work together to produce some lovely bokeh effects, while the P10 sports a 20-megapixel and 12-megapixel snapper which can shoot more detailed photos.

Read our full Huawei P10 vs Huawei P9 comparison review for our in-depth thoughts, and check out our P10 vs P9 video comparison below.

Huawei P10 vs Honor 8

The Honor 8 is cheaper than the Huawei P10, yet boasts some seriously premium specs just like Huawei’s latest flagship phone. You once agaion get a 5.2-inch Full HD screen which is pleasingly punchy, although the design takes a glossy approach. You can also pick up the P10 in a shiny ceramic version, but as standard it comes with a brushed metal surfacing. Both the P10 and Honor 8 are attractive handsets, although neither are water resistant.

You get a fingerprint sensor in both cases, for quickly unlocking to your desktops. And both handsets boast Android Nougat and Huawei’s excellent EMUI 5 overlay.

The Kirin 950 chipset packed inside the Honor 8 isn’t as nippy as the Kirin 960 in the Huawei P10. However, both handsets boast 4GB of RAM and the Honor 8 still offers perfectly smooth operation. You can expand the on-board storage (32GB in the Honor 8’s case) with a microSD memory card.

You get dual-lens Leica cameras in both phones, although only the P10 can record 4K footage. Still, the Honor’s 12 and 8-megapixel lenses produce detailed shots with accurate colour reproduction, just like the Huawei P10’s 20 and 12-megapixel snappers.

Take a look at our Huawei P10 vs Honor 8 video comparison below.