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12 Apps for Christmas: iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas

Happy Boxing Day! We’re continuing our countdown of the the top apps to get you through the Christmas period and today our app comes from Apple and is exclusively for iPhone and iPad users.

iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas offers a free gift from the iTunes store from December 26th to January 6th. The gift could be a video, some music or an app and is only available to download for 24 hours.

Apple releases the app in early December each year and gives users chance to try new content. The giveaway starts after Christmas when many people will have unwrapped new Apple products and are ready to discover the iTunes store. Today the gift is Maroon 5’s Holiday Gift EP, last year a Lady Gaga video, the Snapseed app and music from One Direction were among the offerings. There’s no choice in the freebie available - but if you don’t like it, don’t download it.

iTunes 12 apps for christmas

In order to download the app make sure the Region Format of your iOS device matches your iTunes store account, check this by going to Settings - General - International - Region Format. In iTunes go to Store - View My Account, enter your password and click Change Country or Region.

If you are an iOS user download iTunes: 12 Days of Christmas today - it’s free and over the 12 days there's usually something worth downloading.

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