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LG G5 battery life review: Quick Charge 3.0 and battery discharge tests

We test the LG G5‘s battery life with everyday use as well as intensive media use, and see how long the battery takes to charge using Quick Charge 3.0, compared with rivals such as the Galaxy S7.

LG’s flagship phones have boasted fantastic battery life since the LG G2, often lasting a day and a half between charges. But can LG’s latest premium mobile, the LG G5, perform as well in our battery life tests, and how long does it take to charge using Quick Charge 3.0? Here’s the results of our G5 battery life tests.

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How good is the LG G5’s battery life?

For our intensive media test, we first charged the LG G5’s battery to full and cranked up the brightness to maximum (with auto-brightness disabled). We then streamed video non-stop, timing how long the phone’s battery took to fully drain.

Under these conditions, the LG G5 survives for just over seven hours. That’s almost identical to the Xperia Z5’s result, although the Samsung Galaxy S7 beats it with a stunning nine hours of playback per charge.

Of course, that’s a worst-case scenario test, and in a typical day most users will simply be checking messages, making calls, browsing the web and playing around with apps. We found that with typical everyday use, the LG G5 lasted more or less a full morning-to-night cycle.

This is of course helped by LG’s new ‘Always-on’ screen, which displays the time and any waiting notifications whenever the G5 is out in the open (the feature is automatically disabled when the phone detects that it’s been shoved in a pocket or bag). This prevents you from having to constantly power up the G5 to see the time or check for messages, while draining just under one percent of battery life per hour.

While the LG G5 matches other phones such as the Galaxy S7 for everyday battery life, it’s sadly a step backwards compared with LG’s other flagships, such as the LG G3 and LG G4. We typically enjoyed a day and a half of use from those phones, even with quite heavy play.

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How long does the LG G5 battery take to charge using Quick Charge 3.0?

We drained the LG G5’s battery and then timed exactly how long it took to charge to 100 percent using LG’s Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, which boasts some of the fastest mobile charging around right now.

In just ten minutes at the plug, the G5 was already up to 20 percent charge, enough to last you a few hours of standby. After twenty minutes the charging rate hadn’t dropped, with 40 percent charge on offer.

The G5 was half-charged after just 26 minutes and charging didn’t slow until we hit the 90 percent mark at 56 minutes. The G5 then took a further twenty minutes to charge the final 10 percent, hitting a full battery charge at one hour and 16 minutes. That’s about 20 minutes less than the S7 took (check out our in-depth Galaxy S7 battery tests).

You can of course remove the LG G5’s battery to replace it with a freshly charged one at any time, simply by popping the bottom of the phone open. You can then charge up the old battery at your leisure, while still using the G5.

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