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Mafia 3 Rivals tips and tricks guide (iOS/Android): How to rule the streets

Struggling to beat rival crews in the Mafia 3 Rivals mobile game for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets? Here’s how to get ahead in Mafia 3 Rivals, including tips and tricks for winning battles, upgrading your crew and weapons and boosting your rep score in Crew vs Crew fights.

What is Mafia 3 Rivals?

Mafia 3 Rivals is a mobile game for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. It’s a ‘battle RPG’ game, similar to titles such as Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast, where you face waves of enemies in turn based combat. Defeat them all and you’re rewarded with loot to upgrade your crew members and weapons. You can even take on other players in the Crew vs Crew battles, to boost your gang rep.

The plot of Mafia 3 Rivals is loosely connected to the story in the console and PC version of Mafia 3. You head up a gang that’s trying to take control of New Bordeaux, by smashing through every other gang in town. No time for talk, just breaking heads.

Note that Mafia 3 Rivals contains a lot of strong language (there’s a ‘fair bit of effing and blinding’ as grandma would say), so it’s not suitable for kids.

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Do I need to play Mafia 3 on Xbox/PS4/PC to enjoy Mafia 3 Rivals?

No, you don’t need to play the console/PC version of Mafia 3 to enjoy the Mafia 3 Rivals mobile game, and vice versa. Although they’re connected in some ways, they’re both stand-along titles.

Does playing Mafia 3 Rivals unlock any bonus content in the Mafia 3 console/PC game?

We haven’t seen any crossover between Mafia 3 and Mafia 3 Rivals when it comes to unlockable content.

Are there any in-app purchases in Mafia 3 Rivals, and are they necessary to beat the game?

Mafia 3 Rivals is free to download for iOS and Android mobile devices, but there are of course In App Purchases (IAPs) offered directly through the game. You can buy in-game resources with real-life money, in order to gain an instant advantage.

However, these IAPs aren’t essential for completing the game. You can progress in Mafia 3 Rivals simply by grinding through levels, to boost your crew members’ experience and gather loot without paying a single penny. Of course, this way takes a lot more time, but it isn’t ‘cheating’ like stumping up cash for IAPs is.

Mafia 3 Rivals tips and tricks guide: Battle tactics to beat every wave

It’s best to take on the opposing crew one member at a time, or in other words focus all of your attacks on one enemy. In this way you’re limiting how many Revenge moves they can pull and also weakening their attack turn by turn. This means you’re more likely to survive to the end of each wave.

Pay close attention to the ‘card suit’ of each opposing player. For instance, one of your Club players will deal out extra damage against Spade players, as indicated by the handy chart in the bottom left corner of each battle screen. You’ll also know which players have an advantage over the currently selected enemy as an arrow pops up above their icons. Make sure to use these advantaged players first in each turn, as they might drop your opponent immediately and give you extra turns with the rest of your guys.

If few or none of your crew have an advantage over the enemy, then concentrate attacks on any opponents who have an advantage over you instead. For instance, if you have lots of Spade crew members and one of your enemies is a Club, then take them down early to avoid taking extra damage.

Your opposing leader should be taken down early, to eliminate the bonus given to other opponents.

If you’ve played for an hour or so, chances are your crew members’ heat meters will be pretty high. You can pay to have this lowered, but the heat meters also drop by one point every half hour, so just take a break to get back into the action.

When you beat a level, you get a selection of loot. Not every piece of available loot will be unlocked the first time you finish a level, so be sure to replay if there are unlocked crew members, deeds and so on still to gather. This will also give your crew members a necessary boost, so they can survive harder levels.

Mafia 3 Rivals tips and tricks guide: Upgrading your crew and weapons

Beating a level means an experience boost for each member that was involved, with a bonus boost for any surviving members. Gaining enough experience will bump a member’s level up.

You can also level up a character by sacrificing any items you’ve collected. To do so, head to the crew menu and select a character and then choose ‘level up’.

Note that for every five levels a character gains, you can choose a stat boost for them in the crew menu. There’s a choice between two stat bonuses each time, but this can be altered later at a small cost.

If you unlock a duplicate crew member, you can use them to upgrade the existing member – or vice versa. Pick whichever member has the lowest overall rank and use them for the upgrade. The other member should get a one-level boost.

Don’t forget that as well as upgrading crew members, you can also upgrade weapons. You can use duplicate weapons to level up their star rating, or you can level them up with junk items that you collect.

When you collect a deed, you can use it to set up a new Front – i.e. a training establishment for boosting your crew members’ specs. You’ll also need some resources such as cash to buy a floor in a Front. For each floor that you buy, you’ll unlock a bonus that affects all members, such as increased dodge or a greater chance for a critical hit.

Remember to check the available loot for each level, and what you’ve unlocked so far. Levels you’ve already beaten might still hold some uncollected deeds, so be sure to replay them.

Running low on resources? Don’t forget to tap the Headquarters icon in the game menu and check for available supply crates. Every five hours you get a free crate, while occasionally a ‘dealer’ crate pops up. This gives you free loot simply for watching a 30-second ad.