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Mobile Phones Coming Soon: The best new phones launching in 2018

What are the best mobile phones still coming in 2018? We round up the best smartphones set to launch next year, including the Samsung Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6, Apple’s latest iPhones and beyond.

Well, 2017 was an absolutely stunning year for smartphones. We saw the launch of he likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, iPhone XHTC U11, OnePlus 5T, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and plenty more besides, all of which packed incredible performance, sleek design work and awesome features. Lots of these premium blowers pack HDR-ready screens, while the Sony Xperia XZ Premium went one further by delivering the world’s first 4K HDR mobile display.

We’ve also seen some great budget blowers, for those on a tighter budget. You still get an enjoyable user experience and impressive power from the Moto G5 Plus, Sony Xperia XA1, Honor 7X and other wallet-friendly mobiles, at a much reduced price.

Trends have been towards even bigger blowers than ever before, with many handsets touching the 6-inch display mark. In 2018 you can expect more of the same, as bezels shrink and manufacturers use 18:9 aspect ratios for their smartphone screens. This means mobiles will stay relatively skinny, despite those larger panels.

Here’s some of the big launches we’re already expecting in 2018, including any rumours and hearsay that’s floating about.

Best phones coming soon: Android Phones Coming in 2018

Pretty much all of the big manufacturers have an Android launch in the cannon, ready to fire our way in 2018. Some of these are expected to be revealed at MWC in February, or around that time at a separate event. Others will be hitting UK stores later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Brand: Samsung
Price: Expected from around £249
Expected Release Date: March 2018
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The Galaxy S8 has already been hailed as one of the best phones ever made, so the bar has been set sky high for the incoming Samsung Galaxy S9. We’re certainly not surprised to hear that the Korean tech giant is reportedly hard at work on making its 2018 flagship phone even better again, so rumours are already flying thick and fast.

You can expect an update dual lens camera, similar to the one used by the Note 8, as well as a fingerprint sensor integrated directly into the display. Not to mention the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is incredibly energy efficient. That means improved battery life with any luck.

Nokia 9

Brand: Nokia
Price: £599
Release Date: July 2018

New Nokia phone manufacturer HMD Global had a busy MWC 2017, launching a range of budget smartphones, while saving the flagship Nokia 8 handset for a summer release. And while none of these blowers were particularly outstanding, we can certainly recommend the Nokia 8 now that it’s dropped from its original ridiculous asking price.

However, you may wish to hold off just a little longer, as the Nokia 9 may not be far off. This all-new flagship is likely to be a step up in terms of specs and design, while retaining that undiluted version of Google’s Android OS. NIce.

Google Pixel 3

Brand: Google
Price: Expected from around £649
Expected Release Date: November 2018

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were two of the biggest disappointments of 2017, without a doubt. Sure, they boasted slick performance and some brilliant camera tech, yet Android Oreo’s flawed features, a lack of real innovation and the larger model’s screen issues made for a lackluster overall experience. Especially considering the OnePlus 5T offered basically all of the same benefits for around half the cost.

So here’s hoping that Google learns its lessons and comes out swinging for the Pixel 3 handsets. These handsets will come packing Android P, which with any luck will be a much more essential upgrade than Oreo. You can also expect a Snapdragon 845 chipset and once again the best camera tech found on a mobile phone.

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OnePlus 6

Brand: OnePlus
Price: From £449
Expected Release Date: June 2018

The OnePlus 6 is almost certainly already being designed, despite the recent release of the OnePlus 5T. The typical OnePlus launch schedule has this hitting the UK around June time in 2018, and once again you can expect incredible value for money.

For under £500 you can expect the same premium specs as other flagship phones, including the Snapdragon 845 platform, plus one of the better dual lens snappers to be found on a handset. We’re hoping for a big update to OxygenOS as well, to add even more customisation and slick new features to Android.

Apple iOS Phones Coming in 2018

Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were overshadowed in 2017 by the iPhone X, which is a shame because they’re very solid smartphones. Not to mention more ‘affordable’ to boot. Of course, you can once again expect to see new mobiles from Apple in 2018. Don’t hold your breath however, as these won’t be launched until September time as usual.

iPhone 9

Mobile Phones Coming Soon - iPhone 6S

Brand: Apple
Price: From £599
Release Date: September 2018
Our Review: Coming soon

Apple’s iPhone 8 was a solid all-round mobile, offering a reasonably compact design, smart camera tech (despite the lack of a dual lens snapper), a display that pumps out incredibly realistic images and premium performance. In 2018 the iPhone 9 will of course bump up the specs and introduce iOS 12, but will we finally get a smaller iPhone with a dual lens camera? And will the compact model be HDR-ready?

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iPhone 9 Plus

Mobile Phones Coming Soon - iPhone 6S Plus

Brand: Apple
Price: From £649
Release Date: September 2018
Our Review: Coming soon

The iPhone 9 Plus will almost certainly be a full-blooded 5.5-inch mobile, complete with the usual dependable dual lens camera, super-crisp display and iOS 12 as standard. Here’s hoping we see slimmer bezels too, as we did on the iPhone X, plus an HDR-ready display.

iPhone X2?

Brand: Apple
Price: From £899
Release Date: September 2018
Our Review: Coming soon

Here’s a big question. As the iPhone X was a ‘special edition’ anniversary phone, are we likely to see an updated model released in 2018? Our gut instinct says no, with that sleek design instead being translated to the iPhone 9 Plus model. Hopefully without the screen bump this time.