Motorola Pro Preview

It appears the massively succesful Motorola Droid Pro has fled American soil and landed all the way over here in Europe.

The Motorola Pro is the same in just about every way as its American counterpart and is unique in that it is an Android powered Motorola take on a business phone.

This means a full QWERTY keyboard combined with a 3.1” touchscreen for rapid fire texting and email action. Included in the package is Android 2.2 and the Motoblur UI that comes with the companies’ smartphones.

The handset is not quite up to the specs of the dual-core brigade but doesn’t exactly disappoint either. Expect a 1GHz processor inside and 2GB of internal memory with the usual SD Card expansion.

Thankfully the Pro will be upgradeable to Android 2.3 in future which should make things plenty faster. It will also work as a mobile hotspot for laptop connectivity should you need to work on the move.

The business-centric approach of the Pro is clear throughout; Motorola making the decision to keep the handset remotely wipeable should it be lost or stolen. The phone is going to ship with Quick Office installed but will require an extra fee from the Android Market if you want to do any sort of documenting editing.

A decent enough 5 megapixel camera is included on the back of the phone alongside a 3.5 mm jack for media playing purposes.

Look forward to seeing Motorola’s Android take on the Blackberry Torch in action!


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