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Neko Android: Collect cats with Android’s hidden easter egg

Android features a weird secret easter egg in the form of a cat collection game, known as Neko Android. We’ve tested out this hidden feature, to see if it can rival the hideously addictive Neko Atsume mobile game.

The latest version of Android is absolutely stuffed full of really cool new features and is now in full beta mode, after lots of teasing and revealing at Google I/O 2017. Forget the picture-in-picture mode and updated emojis and all of that gubbins, though. One of the weirdest Android features is that hidden easter egg, which takes the form of a secret cat collection game.

We’re massive fans of Neko Atsume here at Recombu Towers, which is about as cute and addictive as mobile games come. All you have to do is lay down treats and toys to entice an army of cuddly felines to your garden. Nice and simple on the surface, but you need to really know your stuff to get the rare cats to your kitty paradise. Check out our massive in-depth Neko Atsume guide if you don’t believe us.

Seems like someone at Google is also a fan, as Android’s bonus game is a direct homage, even featuring Neko in its title. But what is the Neko Android game all about, is it worth a play and how do you activate it?

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Collect cats with Android’s secret game

Android’s cat collection mini game is a lot more simple than Neko Atsume, both in terms of design and features.

In your Android notifications bar you can add a cat bowl icon, which can be filled with one of four delicious treats to lure hungry fluffballs. These include a comically deceased fish, a still very-much-alive chicken (who appears to be the king of chickens, with a crown stuck on its square bonce), some tasty-sounding ‘Bits’ and a donut-shaped treat. Yum.

Leave the food in your bowl and a notification will eventually pop up to say that a cat has arrived. You can tap this notification, or long-press that bowl icon, to open up the Android easter egg game. In there you’ll spy any kitties that are hanging around in your virtual play area.

Your first kitty has arrived! What a happy fluffy fella

These cats are all given quite dull names by default, but thankfully you can quickly and easily change them to whatever you want. All you need to do is tap the cat in question and a text field will pop up on screen. Type in whatever you like and your fluffy friend will forever be known by this new title. Until you fancy changing it again, that is.

As you can probably tell from the screenshots above, this Android secret game is incredibly basic in its current form. The cats aren’t animated in any way and basically look the same, despite their changing colours. You don’t get to see them rolling around or playing in any way, like you do on Neko Atsume.

Feeding them treats is currently the only feature too. You don’t have the option of laying down toys for them to get stuck into and you can only offer up one tasty treat at a time.

One interesting feature is the ability to ‘share’ your cats with other Android owners. To do so, just hold down your finger on the cat in question and then tap the share icon.

How can I play the Neko Android easter egg cat game?

If you want to check out the Android secret cat collection game, just follow the steps below.

  • Dive into your phone’s settings menu and scroll down to System. Give that a tap.
  • In the System menu, select About Phone. You’ll notice one of the entries in the sub-menu says ‘Android Version’. Tap it lots as fast as you can to make the Android logo flash up on screen.
  • When the logo pops up, press and hold your finger on the middle. Your handset should vibrate and a tiny cat head should pop up beneath. The Neko Android hidden feature has now been activated.
  • Pull down the notifications tab all the way, so your shortcut icons are fully revealed, then tap the pencil icon to edit these shortcuts. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you’ll see an ’empty bowl’ icon. This can be added to your selection of shortcuts by pressing a finger on it and dragging it towards the top of the list.
  • Now, tap that empty bowl to add a treat and wait for your first Android cat to show up!